Our offensive heritage
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The photo above encapsulates the situation in our country, the erstwhile 'United States of America,' in 2011. The picture shows the statue of George Washington in Columbia, SC, hidden by a box during an NAACP rally.
The NAACP put a box around the statue so as not to 'offend' attendees of the rally.
I've often said that the impostor 'America' of today is not the country of which Washington was the revered father. MLK is the father (or as somebody (perhaps James Edwards) put it, the 'baby daddy' of today's 'America.' The picture attests to that fact. Washington is being (or has been) deposed and another put in his place. How long before the statue is pulled down, making it more or less official?
Meanwhile, in the various comments around the internet on this event, there are any number of self-professed conservatives claiming MLK as a 'conservative' and exalting him as one who would never dishonor George Washington or engage in divisive rhetoric. This is so far off from reality that I am seriously starting to wonder if people are not literally being brainwashed to repeat the party line.
Some of you may remember the movie The Manchurian Candidate, specifically the original classic movie, (not the PC remake) in which the mention of the name Raymond Shaw elicits the rote line in response: ''Raymond Shaw is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life.''
If you remember that movie, you know that the people who recited that line had been conditioned to repeat it. I wonder if these conservatives have been subjected to similar manipulation to repeat the saccharine twaddle they repeat, praising MLK. I mean this seriously. I know we often say people are brainwashed by the media or the educational system, but we say it metaphorically, to indicate how certain ideas are inculcated into people at every turn. But I haven't usually intended it to be taken literally, until lately, as I see more people reacting like Pavlov's dogs, not thinking for themselves, repeating rote phrases and shibboleths.
It's really disheartening to see and hear people from the South falling under the sway of this kind of thing.
Any 'old Americans' who still remain are truly a shrinking remnant.

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