More Southernisms
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Another video of Southernisms.
Some of these terms may be local to a certain area, for example 'hosepipe' being used for a garden hose. I have not heard it used that way myself. But not all Southernisms are universal throughout the South.
The word 'drawers' has different pronunciations, in my experience.
However the term seems to be pretty common in the South, whereas most Northerners think terms like 'drawers' and 'britches' to be quaint or old-fashioned.
The term 'poke salad' is known to anyone who remembers the song from the late sixties called 'Poke Salad Annie', sung by Tony Joe White, I believe. I think the title of the song was misspelled as 'Polk Salad Annie.' It has nothing to do with anyone named Polk; it just refers to pokeweeds (pokeberries, poke roots, etc.). It was in the old days, at least, pronounced 'poke sallet'.
Speaking of edibles, the picture of greens shows a 'mess of greens.' A portion of greens is always a 'mess.' Just like Esau and his 'mess of pottage.'
As for the term 'folks' being Southron, I think everyone would agree it's used around the country, everywhere, and not limited to the South.
"Hissy" fit may be used outside the South, but I've heard it with odd variations in the North, for example ''tizzy fit.''
Speaking of 'fits', there is also the expression ''duck fit''. I haven't heard that one up North.
Please feel free to add expressions of your own.

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