More on the Six Imams
0 comment Saturday, August 2, 2014 |
Yesterday in my post 'Set-up?' I said that Doug 'Ibrahim' Hooper's arrogant mug would be up on TV deploring the Islamophobia of US Airways and the passengers who complained about the Moslem 'imams' and their attention-getting behavior.
Just like clockwork, Dougie Hooper is making the rounds, and here he is, in an especially obnoxious exchange with MSNBC's reporterette, Contessa Brewer. (BTW, Contessa: what kind of name is that? Yes, it's Italian for 'countess' but it makes as much sense as being named Princess or Queen. Whatever. You are a dimwit dhimmi, regardless of what your name is).
Anyway, the fluff-brained Contessa compares the prayin' Imams to Rosa Parks, that symbol of the Civil Rights struggle. Incredible, but still, predictable, given the MSM's obvious biases and the low intelligence quotients of their employees.
I keep looking for signs of hope among our people in America and in the West, but the 'old media' depresses me, with their lack of connection with reality, history, and plain old common sense.
Let's hope that we can bypass all the idiocy and propaganda put out by our dhimmi, PC media and spread the truth via the blogosphere and good old word-of-mouth.
If we can't do that, we had better start bowing to Mecca.