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It appears that some sane people showed up to comment on the thread I linked in the post below this one. It is heartening to see that some people are not buying into this silly name-calling match as to who is the ''real racist'' and who is the best friend of blacks.
The writer of the linked article answers critics by protesting that she herself is from the South -- that is irrelevant; whoever buys the PC view of history is effectively siding against their Southron forebears. And that's all that matters, in my judgement.
I am not sure if the following post is by the same Ernest who comments here, but good job anyway:
Posted by: Ernest
Oct 26, 05:49 AM
Good grief. I don't know who is more pathetic. You are the ones claiming hater. While you try to outdo each other as the ultimate hater, racist, oppressor, slave holder and just all around bad white people. The Black Caucus, Hispanic Caucus, MEChA, NAACP, LaRaza and hundreds of other race groups are laughing their asses off. No wonder our nation is swirling the drain. The Marxist have us all tied up in PCland.''
The following comments make good points, too:
Posted by: Quartermaster
Oct 26, 06:46 AM
You really do need to give some historical context to teh time period of 1850-1877. All you've done is parrot a leftist line about the evil Confederacy that is not, and never has been true except in the fevered minds of leftists. The leftists were the Republicans, not the Dems. People like Davis, Jefferson, and Jackson would not recognize what therir party has become and would be utterly disgusted with it.
Posted by: Gunner57
Oct 26, 06:56 AM
I don't agree with your underlying politically correct accusation that the plight of blacks in America are part of some diabolical scheme concocted by white people that is merely aided by a few opportunistic blacks. Cut me a break! BTW, I am no Democrat. Martin Luther King had his fingerprints all over the "Great Society". King was a full blown socialist, yet conservatives grovel at his feet and still talk about his "content of character" statement which has a hollow ring in Obamaland. The Obamaland that over 90% of blacks still support. Do you really believe Michelle Obama doesn't believe in these giveaways but is just being an opportunist Democrat? I don't think so. She is motivated by her hatred of white people. She wants to steal eveything she can from white people. Sadly, Republicans "play me too" all the time and still do to racially exclusive policies.
Are Democrats keeping blacks down by awarding them scholarships, entrance to our best academic institutions, degrees, jobs, mortgages, business loans when they don't qualify for any of them? Then let me be one of the downtrodden. No African nation could ever compete with a first world nation if they did not have the assistance of white people. That is a fact. God help those poor people when Arab Muslims intervene in their affairs. They still enslave them. Heaven only knows how the Chinese would exploit these people. Ms. Shiver why do these people need all this help in the first place? Is it because of some pseudo-science invented by white people? I don't think so.''
I am surprised some of these comments made it through; I rarely if ever see any such ideas expressed on American Thinker. Maybe all is not lost, yet.
I had long since given up commenting on ''colorblind conservative'' forums, but maybe there is some fertile ground there after all.

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