Leftist derangement syndrome
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Here's another instance of that inflammatory quote attributed to Margaret Sanger.
Just as I said, this is being picked up on as a Republican talking point, and it is being widely used.
I am no fan of Sanger nor a believer in abortion, but does family planning always equate to abortion? Was Sanger even talking about abortion here? Again, as with every time I have seen this quote used, there is never a link to an actual instance of it. Even if it were linked to an online source, can we be sure it is not being wrested out of context so as to be used to spread this inflammatory rumor? Could she not simply have been warning that there was a tendency toward black suspicion of White motives and susceptibility to wild rumors of plots by Whites?
Do we really think family planning advocates were fomenting some kind of 'final solution' back in the early 20th century? It sounds like the ''right'' now believes the "genocidal Whites" meme so beloved of the anti-White left. Is this not irresponsible as well as self-hating on the part of Whites?
A comment on that blog refers to Sharpton as a 'racial arsonist' but is not this kind of rhetoric, especially without a specific quote in context, a kind of racial arson of itself?
I think the anti-abortion, 'respectable' right is suffering from leftist derangement syndrome, and is now becoming unhinged just as the anti-White left has for years. Won't somebody call them out on this issue?

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