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I am incredibly weary of these kinds of news stories, in which the liberal media hand-wringers fret about the possibility of ''profiling'' in the wake of all these racial attacks. It's all very much like the articles just after 9/11, wherein the usual media suspects wrung their hands over the possible ''backlash against Muslims.'' So we, as a nation in shock, were thrown on the defensive, and lectured by government officials about how me must not ''profile'' Moslems.
The onus is always on us to avoid offending somebody, even at the cost of our lives. When is this going to end, this craziness?
How can the media be so brazen as to keep stoking the flames of racial grievance and anti-White hatred, even as the attacks continue to happen? The media might truly be called criminal in their behavior. They are doing exactly what they constantly accuse supposed ''extremist'' Whites of doing: inciting racial violence.
Just to be clear, I am not one of those people who claim that there would be nothing but peace and brotherhood if only the ''liberals'' and Democrats would stop creating black social pathology. No; I'm enough of a realist that I can see that racial differences are real, and that those differences in themselves are enough to cause racial misunderstanding -- and a normal ethnocentricity on both sides. However, the media and the PC establishment generally work at fomenting real hatred and thirst for revenge -- based on supposed past wrongs and injustices.
And these instigators keep at it, shamelessly, brazenly, night and day. Do they have no conscience, no shame?
The CBS article seems to have none. These people who keep up the media drumbeat are obsessed, they are unhinged.
The article, by the way, bears no byline; we don't know who wrote it. It seems that most articles these days are put together by a 'team' of four or five or six reporters, most of whom have exotic and unpronounceable names. For some years now, the American Society of Newspaper Editors and the Society of Professional Journalists have made a great point of recruiting 'underrepresented minorities' to write for the media, supposedly to present 'neglected points of view' and 'diverse opinions.' Well, the only neglected point of view is that of the White population. Strangely, though, we are allowed to hear only the minority or pro-minority point of view. These professional associations make it clear that they have an agenda, and they crusade against 'profiling'-- which is in fact a healthy commonsense measure, intended for self-protection.
I surmised that minority ''journalists'' are necessary to keep cranking out these anti-White template stories. Can't have Whitey (unless the White in question is a feminist woman) writing about 'sensitive racial issues', can we?
As to the poor beleaguered victims of ''racial profiling'', I can only say this to them: the onus is on YOU to prove that you are not a marauding 'youth' out to do bodily harm. If you are, as you claim, a blameless young 'minority youth' intending no harm, then the onus is on you to persuade your not-so-harmless peers to stop their violent and lawless behavior. If you are "unfairly profiled'' then take it up with those of your folk who are the reason for the existence of the profiles in the first place. Blame them, not us. They are the authors of your trouble; no one else is.
The same goes for Moslems and Mexicans and whoever else who pleads victimhood because of 'profiling.' If some, or a great many, of your peers did not behave lawlessly, you would not be profiled.
Requiring the rest of us to be willing sacrificial lambs so that somebody need not have their feelings hurt by 'profiling' is asking us to forfeit our right to look out for our own safety.
The people who come off the worst in these articles (in addition to the journalists who 'write' them) are the officials, usually White men or women, who betray their own people by siding with the troublemakers. Shame on any White official who berates or scolds his own brethren so as to ingratiate himself with the powers that be, or with 'minority' outgroups. People of this sort are quislings, and are in their way worse than the roving thugs who are committing the violence.

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