'When did information...become a bad thing?'
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That's a pertinent question, and it was put in an Andrew McCarthy article on the subject of the president's citizenship/birth controversy.
I am loath to use the term ''birther'' because it's a stupid word, coined with the specific purpose of ridiculing and discrediting those who simply want to know the facts on the subject of where the president was born, and whether he is a natural-born citizen, per the Constitution.
I haven't written much about this subject, though I've followed it with some interest, if only because so much effort has apparently gone into making this a secret or a mystery. As I said last year during the campaign, the secrecy alone was sufficient to raise suspicions and to generate a lot of speculation and theories. And wasn't this presidency supposed to be 'transparent'?
This whole controversy need never have developed, and it ballooned into a much bigger issue simply because so much information was obviously being withheld and sealed. McCarthy points out the falsehoods or fabrications in 'Dreams From My Father', as also being indicative of a tendency to conceal or deceive. This alone should be enough to make a quest for verification perfectly justifiable and understandable.
Thomas Lifson provides a good overview of the issue here.

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