Carleton Putnam speaks
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Some of you (I hope most of you) who read this blog or similar blogs, will be familiar with the writings of Carleton Putnam. He was the author of Race and Reason, as well as Race and Reality, in addition to other books.
At there is a sound file of Putnam addressing a Citizens' Council group in Jackson, Mississsippi, in 1961. He was being honored for his Race and Reason, and for his efforts to defend the South against the constant propaganda barrage by the Northern establishment. Putnam also strove to try to reconcile the two regions, North and South, where their disagreements on racial matters were dividing them. In the speech you will hear of how the North and West were being fed a lot of anti-Southern rhetoric in relation to the issue of segregation, and Putnam tried to educate his fellow Yankees about, well, 'race and reality', to use his phrase.
In the course of his remarks, he runs through the origins of the egalitarian dogma that has come to be the accepted orthodoxy of today, for example the Boasian influence in the social sciences.
Towards the conclusion of his speech, you will note that his points still resonate very much today, except that it is not just the North that is under the sway of indoctrination, but the entire country, and the entire Western world. His words were rather prophetic.
What would he think of the dire predicament we are in today, as a result of the very influences against which he fought? I rather think he would still not counsel defeatism and resignation. I think he would still exhort us to continue to stand up for the sake of our progeny and the future.
I recommend listening to the speech; it's worth 50 minutes or so of your time.

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