Whose side is he on?
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From an ABC News story, linked at the Free Republic forum, we read that civil rights leaders are up in arms because Glenn Beck has planned a rally on the anniversary of MLK's famous speech.
When will Beck learn that it does not pay to kowtow and pander? I can only take a perverse satisfaction in the criticism coming his way.
Read the FReeper thread; it will make you discouraged, at least if you agree with me that the FReepers, like many Republicans, have gone way off the PC deep-end since, oh, say January 2009.
As to Beck, I've blogged a little about him in the past, and for a very brief time I caught his show when he was still on about the Founding Fathers. But I noticed that he included MLK amongst the Founding Fathers, and that he constantly harped on the 'inclusive' theme.
The FReepers' comments show that most of them now accept MLK as some kind of hero to us all; I wonder what they would say if reminded about the attitude of Ronald Reagan, another hero of theirs, when the MLK holiday was proposed. He at first opposed it although he cited 'cost concerns' in doing so, and later he reversed himself and spoke glowingly of MLK, as you will read in the linked article.
There was, as I recall, considerable opposition to the holiday, with the late Sen. Jesse Helms, (so hated by the left even today) being the foremost critic. But I remember that even mainstream newspapers published letters which were vehemently critical of the proposed honor, citing MLK's Communist affiliations and divisive activities as the reasons. This, of course, is scarcely remembered by todays 'colorblind conservatives.'
But now, as you see, the FReepers hail MLK as an icon and a hero of 'freedom and equality', apparently not cognizant of the obvious fact that his activism increased 'freedom' only for, say, 12 percent of the population at the expense of the other 88 percent. Similarly with Rosa Parks; she, too, has joined the FReeper pantheon of American heroes.
Beck is the most prominent voice these days exhorting 'patriotic Americans' to the belief that 'liberals are the real racists' and that 'patriotic Americans' should honor black advocates alongside the real founders of our nation. Beck is leading more and more gullible people along the politically correct path, while pretending to speak the language of the so-called 'far right'.
From an AmRen thread, there was this remark about Beck:
He says some pretty harshly liberal things when it comes to racial matters. For example, a couple of nights ago on the O�Reilly Factor he was going on about how much blacks suffered during the "Civil Rights" era, yada yada yada� But maybe its just that thinly-veiled facade he puts on to avoid scaring mainstream-thinking Americans off the first time they hear him. You know, people who are really racists but don�t know it hear him and think "Oh, he says some really great things! But, he�s kinda racist, isn�t he?" So he says some liberal racial nonsense to calm their fears, but perhaps deep down he really thinks like us?''
And another:
''I appreciate the comments that are critical of Beck. One minute he can be right on, Truth roaring through him, and then, voila, look again�he�s kowtowing to the "noble savage." How childish are his mood swings and effusive breakdowns.
Moreover, will Beck be pointing out that the "I Have a Dream" speech is largely plagiarized, even though it appears in every damned high school and college English textbook in this country? Google Archibald Carey�s 1952 RNC Convention speech.
Lastly, maybe Beck will have the backbone to question why King�s wife has had FBI surveillance tapes of MLK sealed till 2027, nearly sixty years after the phoney�s death. I feel sorry for Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart. They put themselves out on the front lines, and when they catch fire from the left (especially minorities), they instantly turn into Darkies� Best Friend. They are childish and weak.''
One more comment
''Before people start trashing Glen Beck they need to realize that this man has single-handedly brought the Obama administration to it�s knees exposing all the corruption, anti-white and anti-American Marxist garbage that has infested the white house and the Democratic party like some plague.
Beck took a lot of heat for saying "Obama hates white people" on one of his shows. The first time I saw the video of King Samir Shabazz shouting out to kill all white crackers and white cracker babies was on the Glen Beck show and he showed that video at least four times during the program, after which the Black Panther Party threatened to see him at the 8/28/10 rally. So nobody is going to tell me he has no courage. They need to look at themselves and ask the question "what have I done lately?".
I�m not crazy about the way Glen has been sucking up to MLK and has joined in the "poor black plight" thing either but he has a reason for doing so and it will be all clear to us down the road. In the meantime we need to look at and appreciate what he has done so far to open people�s eyes.''
The last AmRen comment, as well as the first, illustrate the one school of thought regarding Beck: the notion that he is 'really one of us' but that he just has to 'play the game to keep his job' or that he is pulling a fast one on his Fox News bosses, toeing the PC line while secretly giving a wink to the 'racial right' listening out there in the audience.
The last comment exhorts us to, essentially 'trust' Beck, to put our faith in him, knowing that whatever he is doing, it is for our good, the good of our cause, ultimately.
For one thing, the idea that some media figure (whether it's Beck, or Pat Buchanan, or whoever) ''has to'' say politically correct things is irksome to me; if they ''have to'' say certain things and they ''can't say'' other things which are too impolitic -- then they are pretty useless to our cause. The one thing that is needed is the ability to speak the truth, and not be cowed by PC.
Has Beck ''opened people's eyes''? Has he really brought the regime to its knees, as the first comment says? I've seen no sign of that.
I have serious doubts about his 'opening people's eyes'; I haven't noticed any great stampede away from political correctness since Beck started his FoxNews show. Incidentally, he had a very different tack when he was with Headline News; he was all about counterjihad then, always truckling to 'moderate Muslims' and so forth. It was only with his move to Fox that he suddenly became some kind of born-again patriot/champion of Middle America.
Although a lot of people have noted the increase in politically incorrect comments on newspaper articles regarding racial issues, it's a little foolish to credit Beck with any epiphanies that have taken place. If anything, he is only attempting to draw more minorities into the GOP, or towards his brand of 'conservatism', while at the same time, probably carrying out a mission of keeping White conservatives on the GOP reservation, and keeping them within acceptable bounds. It's all right to be a Tea Party conservative, the message seems to be, as long as you make obeisance to MLK and be sure to be 'inclusive' towards blacks and other minorities. It's all right to be a 'patriot' and honor our Founding Fathers as long as you bow towards the altar of MLK or Parks.
Somebody commented here once that Beck represented 'controlled opposition', and another commenter called him a 'Judas Goat.' Maybe those labels are too strong, maybe not. I tend to think that at best, he is a guy doing a job, reading from a script, and wanting to keep his position in the compromised media. I don't know how much of a believer he is in political correctness but he is not 'one of us', an ethnopatriot or ethnoconservative. I think it's rather wishful thinking to believe he is on 'our side.'

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