Whose America? Revisited
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'Riverside is going to be ours'
so says Miguel Rivera in an article from the Cherry Hill, NJ Courier Post.
For every immigrant who feels afraid and leaves Riverside, we are going to find an immigrant to volunteer to come live in Riverside," the Rev. Miguel Rivera, president of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders, said Friday.
[...]Rivera's remarks, today's rally and a lawsuit filed last week in U.S. District Court in Newark challenging the constitutionality of the ordinance were the result of the township committee enacting last month a measure that seeks to punish landlords who rent to or employers who hire illegal immigrants.
[...]Mayor Charles Hilton estimates the number of illegal immigrants in his town, many if not most of them from Brazil, at anywhere from 1,500 to 3,500.
I am stunned by the arrogance of Miguel Rivera and his ilk; every time I think they have topped themselves in arrogance and sheer gall, something like this comes along.
But to my amazement, the town of Riverside seems to be stirring itself and standing up to the invaders and would-be Reconquistadores. It seems that as many as 500 townspeople protested against a few hundred illegals and sympathizers yesterday.
If true, as it seems to be, this may be a watershed moment. There have been so many disheartening instances of illegals, emboldened by the lack of resistance to their aggressions, intimidating and shouting down American citizens, of thousands of illegals taking to our streets with only a handful of Americans to oppose them. So I can only say bravo to the people of Riverside; you stood your ground, and I hope your boldness will show others that they need not continue to be PC-whipped and silenced, especially by people like Rivera, demagogues and illegals who are brazenly flouting our laws.
Rivera is, (surprise, surprise) a Methodist minister, it seems the Methodists are among the most pro-illegal religious denominations, judging by the recent news stories of these meddling ministers. Someone needs to remind them of the great liberal principle of 'separation of church and state.' Where is the ACLU? They are usually all over any perceived violations of that 'separation.' But they get very quiet whenever the 'violators' are liberal church people, agitating for the leftist agenda.
Of course the obligatory accusations of 'racism' were hurled at the citizens. It seems these illegal advocates cannot make their point in a civilized, reasonable fashion but have to resort to name-calling. But I suppose we can't blame them, really; if we keep rewarding anybody who plays the race card. If we continue to fold every time somebody throws that 'r-word' at us, we will get more of the same, endlessly. Our freedoms will erode, and our hold on this country will be steadily weakened if we are cowed by these people.
Predictably, this very biased article from the Philly Inquirer contains the usual allusions to hate and racism, including a reference to the Confederate Flag, as if that symbol itself incriminates the citizens who were exercising their rights.
After an hour of prayers and speeches, Rivera and the protesters headed up Scott Street, the Burlington County town's main drag, as hundreds on both sides of the street cursed, spit and shouted at them to leave and never come back.
Some in the crowd were intoxicated. Some waved Confederate flags, while others thrust their right arms up to resemble a Nazi salute. Dozens had signs calling for tighter border control.
Well, Joel Bewley and Nancy Petersen, nice job of slandering your fellow citizens there. I am sure your pro-illegal sentiments will win you a lot of kudos from your leftist peers in the media. Keep it up; you are doing a bang-up job of proving the existence of bias in the media. Now it may be that some of the protesting citizens behaved badly; but I know the bias of the media so therefore I'm bound to distrust what you tell me about those citizens. And besides, aren't you journalists always preachifying about 'stereotyping' people, about tarring everybody with the same brush? Yet that is what you are doing.
Actually, though, the Inquirer and the 'reporters' should be ashamed; tell me again how the media are supposed to be 'objective' and impartial, telling readers only 'who, what, why, where'.
The good news is, however, this incident in Riverside shows that there are still some citizens of this country who have not bowed the knee to the gods of Political Correctness, despite the fact that the media, as exemplified by the Philly Inquirer, and our politicians, and many of our churches are taking the side of the illegals.
How much plainer can it be that these 'immigrants', so-called, are not friendly towards us? They have shown us time and time again that they have an agenda to take this country from us. 'Riverside is going to be ours', says the pious Rivera. How much plainer can they make it for us?
Still I am thrilled to see that there is still some of the legendary American spirit still alive; I can only hope that this is the beginning of a turning of the tide.
But if and when scenes like this turn to outright clashes (as they have in a few small-scale incidents, as in Baldwin Park, CA some months ago) I have a fear that American citizens will be blamed; articles like the Inquirer piece clearly paint citizens as drunks, as spitting, ignorant hatemongers. You can bet that any violence will be blamed on Americans, no matter what the real story may be. The media have chosen their side, and sadly many of our sellout politicians have chosen a side too, and it ain't ours.
We Americans may be down, but not out yet. Our illegal 'neighbors' think they have the advantage, and in many ways they do; but they are overplaying their hand, becoming more and more arrogant and reckless every day. They truly seem to be tone-deaf, like this Rivera character, to the fact that they are provoking mild-mannered citizens, and ticking people off. We are a tolerant and patient people, we Americans, but we are just about down to zero on the tolerance meter when it comes to people brazenly announcing their intentions to take our towns and our country.
Our officials and leaders have to step up and do their designated job, which is to enforce the laws of this country; the fact that they are allowing tens ot millions (and not 11 million, as this article foolishly says) of illegal invaders to have the run of our country is unconscionable. The fact that they are letting these people ride roughshod over Americans is even worse. If they did their job, this whole over-the-top situation would not exist. If and when things spiral out of control, it will be because our 'leaders' and officials have refused to do their jobs, and have turned our country over to the barbarians.