This just in: 'Islam poses a threat to the West'
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Ya think?
In this article from the London Daily Telegraph, the obvious is acknowledged.
The alleged plot to blow up transatlantic airliners and last year's terrorist attacks on London have made more people fear Islam as a religion, not merely its extremist elements, a poll for The Daily Telegraph has found.
A growing number of people fear that the country faces "a Muslim problem" and more than half of the respondents to the YouGov survey said that Islam posed a threat to Western liberal democracy. That compares with less than a third after the September 11 terrorist attacks on America five years ago.
The findings were revealed as Ruth Kelly, the Communities Secretary, conceded that the multi-culturalist approach encouraged by the Left for two decades had probably been a mistake and could have contributed to the alienation that many young Muslims said they felt and experienced.'
[...]Miss Kelly said that diversity had been "a huge asset" but she acknowledged that the wave of immigration, the highest in British history, had brought fresh challenges.
[..]After years when many on the Left have either shut down the debate on cultural diversity or sought to avoid it, Miss Kelly said, "We must not be censored by political correctness and we cannot tiptoe around the issues." [Italics mine]
Obviously Miss Kelly is part of the problem, I mean, anybody who can say diversity is 'a huge asset' with a straight face is delusional or a pathological liar.
How, exactly, is this 'diversity' I hear so much about a 'huge asset'? And while you're at it, tell me how, precisely (and I need specifics) diversity is supposedly 'our strength'? Out of all the people who have parroted that imbecilic phrase, I have never heard one of them specify how diversity strengthens us, or why it is such a boon to us that we sacrifice the lives of our citizens in order to create it. And diversity, however much we have of it, is never enough, it seems. There are always cries for 'more', no matter how much diversity we have had inflicted on us in the West. It appears, just as the famous saying 'you can never be too rich or too thin' also applies to diversity; you can never be too diverse.
Diversity is the reason why we are balkanized and fragmented in the West; the reason why we have countless squabbling ethnic/racial/religious groups, all of them with a grievance and a grudge against the majority, all of them victims, all with chips on their shoulders, all with a list of demands on the rest of us. All of them require special concessions and special 'outreach programs' which cost money (taxpayers' money, of course) and all of them are ultra-sensitive and must be handled with kid gloves.
As a result of all this enriching, strengthening diversity, Western countries are instituting coercive laws to ensure that nobody is offended, slurred, discriminated against, or disrespected. People like Miss Rita Kelly are appointed to positions like Communities Secretary to cater to and make obeisance to the 'diverse communities', and to properly indoctrinate the recalcitrant majority who stubbornly refuse to get with the PC program. And when Miss Kelly says disingenuously ''We must not be censored by political correctness and we cannot tiptoe around the issues.'' -- surely she does not expect to be believed. Of course there is not and cannot be anything resembling honest discussion, which is not censored by Political Correctness, either in the UK or here in America. Any discussion or 'debate' which is allowed in our countries is heavily censored and rigged in favor of the 'victim' groups, and the Moslems are skilled at making themselves out to be victims, even as they commit terror acts the world over.
And because of our seeming insatiable need for 'diversity' and all its enrichments, we allow millions of these Mohammedans, an unknown number of whom are estimated to be members of terrorist 'sleeper' cells and jihad movements, to enter our countries and live among us. To question their presence is heresy. So on and on it goes; the recent spate of terror scares on several airlines illustrate the madness of our policies, and yet no one in authority dares criticize the presence of the Mohammedans among us. Granted, our politicians are now widely regarded as sellouts and traitors by many of their constituents; we have very low expectations of them. And even most of the more 'conservative' pundits will not even hint at the possibility of removing Moslems from our midst. What will it take to break the PC spell?
One of the few commentators who has consistently been saying that we need to curb Moslem immigration and repatriate some of them is Lawrence Auster, and he says this again in a recent post, dealing with the recent terror scares:
I�ve said it before, and I�ll say it again: this is our future, FOREVER, so long as significant numbers of Muslims reside and travel freely in the West.
Look at it this way. Would Charles Martel, after defeating the Arab-Moorish army at the battle of Tours and then driving it forever out of Gaul at the battle of Narbonne a few years later, have then commenced admitting "peaceful" and "moderate" Muslim immigrants and tourists into Gaul? We say we�re waging a war against a certain group, but never question the mass presence of that group among us.
And again, another voice of truth in the blogosphere is the redoubtable Fjordman, writing from Norway.
Here is a sample of Fjordman's comments, in his recent lengthy essay:
In Norway, it is probably unprecedented in the thousand years since the city of Oslo was founded at the end of the Viking Age that the indigenous population is being attacked on such a large and random scale. And the government is doing� well, pretty much nothing really, except for hiding the problem as much as possible and continuing Muslim immigration. This isn't good enough.
We are tired of hearing nonsense about "Islamophobia" while our children live in fear of Islamic terrorism. The purpose of the state is to uphold law and order and maintain the nation's borders and territorial integrity. Western European governments are doing neither, yet are busy with political censorship and interfering with details of our private lives where they have no business. It's time they are reminded that they are our servants, not our rulers.
Time for a few brave souls to step up and speak the unspeakable: maybe when enough people break the taboo, the timid among us, who need 'permission' to think and say these things, will find their voice.
But as I always say, time is short. The clock is running.

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