Tancredo on the Moslem threat in Europe
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Gandalf at Up Pompeii cites an interview with Tom Tancredo by a Danish journalist in which Tancredo prescribes the deportation of all Moslems in Europe.
Gandalf links to what appears to be a very leftist blog (which I prefer not to link to directly) as the source of information on the interview. The interview was apparently for a Danish TV series called 'Clement in America' and there may be a video link at some point, but as yet there is not.
Interested readers should check out Gandalf's post at the link above.
If Tancredo did say this, good for him. As usual he is the lone voice in the wilderness among our politicians. Invariably after I say that, someone will always say 'yes, and that's why he can never be elected.' However I am of the belief that we should never say never. Things change, and if we believe that a Tancredo can never be elected, then we may as well say good-bye to America and the West, and just close up shop.
Our ancestors, thank God, did not have that mindset. They created this country in defiance of the odds.

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