Selah, Washington Latinos 'fear' Minutemen
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Immigration activists in Selah, Washington, a small town in Central Washington state, are still trying their best to deny representatives of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps their right to assemble at the Selah Civic Center.
I fear for my safety," said Yakima's Tony Sandoval, founder of the Washington State Democratic Party Latino Caucus. "I don't want anybody to get hurt."
What a drama queen. He doesn't want anybody to 'get hurt'? What exactly does that mean? It seems he is implying that the Minutemen are a dangerous, violent group. He knows this not to be the case, but he is playing to the audience. The implication is that the illegals and their legal Latino enablers are the poor persecuted victims, and the Minutemen and other citizens are a bunch of thugs. The reverse is more likely the case, judging by other events, such as those in Southern California and elsewhere, where the illegals and their minions act as mobs to intimidate, shout down, threaten and even assault the American citizens who dare to claim their right to assemble.
Sandoval needs to specify what exactly makes him 'fear for his safety' should the Minutemen be allowed to assemble. He also needs to pick up a copy of the Constitution and read up on the Bill of Rights.
Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
Aguila del Norte -Yakima spokeswoman Maria Cuevas said she isn't disputing the Minutemen's constitutional rights to free speech or assembly, but she questioned whether citizens should pay to house such a group in a publicly owned building like the center.
She also said she's worried that other people's constitutional rights -- including protection against unreasonable searches and seizures and rights to due process -- could be at risk if the group is allowed to meet in Selah.
"When private citizens take the laws into their hands, there's a real potential for violence and abuse," Cuevas said. '
Miss Cuevas is also guilty of insinuating that the Minutemen and other patriotic citizens are dangerous and violent. She repeats the canard about 'taking the law into their hands.' (Remember, the 'vigilante' slur, repeated by certain people in high office?) No, Miss Cuevas, it's you and your fellow travelers who are aiding and abetting lawbreakers and who are flouting the laws of the land who are 'taking the law into your own hands.' You, and Sandoval, and all the rest of your amigos for whom ethnicity comes before your allegiance to the United States or to your fellow citizens. I would bet money that many of the people who are immigration advocates in Selah and around the country are native-born citizens of this country, whose allegiances are to their 'Raza', their race, rather than to their American fellow citizens.
So often I hear well-meaning but limp-wristed 'conservatives' say that 'Hispanic Americans don't like illegal immigration any more than the rest of us do.' I say otherwise. Look around you; read the newspapers and watch the TV coverage of your local pro-open borders protests. Many of the protesters and marchers are American-born Hispanics. Yes, I know there are exceptions; liberal Americans of both parties are too often obsessed with focusing on the exceptions to the rule, instead of facing un-PC facts. The fact that some American-born Hispanics do not support illegal immigration in no way disproves the existence of the many who DO support illegal immigration. As the whole issue heats up, and conflict escalates, as in this incident in Selah and elsewhere, they will have to choose which side they are on. Many will choose their ethnic kin instead of their country of birth. I hope I am wrong, but so far this is how it is developing.
We will see whether the Selah Council stands up for what is right, or whether they give in to the militant pro-illegal forces in their town.
Selah, according to these figures has only an 11% Hispanic population. I think this number is way out of date, and of course the numbers of illegals are unknown everywhere, but there is a considerable Hispanic population in Yakima county. But if only 11% of a population can exert that much influence, what will it be like when they are 25%? Or 50%? Or more?

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