Our town, USA
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This is a video montage of a town called Lorain, Ohio. I've never been there (to my recollection) but the scenes of this town could be your town or mine, back in the old days. The people could be your neighbors or mine.
I can't tell you who the singer is, singing the accompanying song, but it's very touching.
The comments at You Tube are the usual combination of ignorance and profanity, and many of them indicate that Lorain has deteriorated. It looks like it's the familiar story: changing demographics, according to this page.
So in a way, it is a prototypical American town. Lorain's story seems to be the story for too many of our towns today.
Still, the scenes of the town in its better days show us the America that once was, just as a reminder of what we have lost, or are losing.

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