Open borders talking points
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From the Project USA website, a list of the "top ten reasons for flooding the country:"
  • Your ancestors were immigrants!
  • Immigration makes our economy grow
  • We're a nation of immigrants
  • Immigrants do the jobs Americans won't do
  • It's racist to oppose immigration
  • Immigrants built this country
  • Immigrants just want a better life --- limits are mean
  • Diversity is our strength
  • Only Native Americans can criticize our immigration policy
  • There is plenty of room in America for lots more people
  • Please see the website for Project USA's answers to the above arguments.
    We have all heard all these creaky arguments many, many times; it's impossible to read a news article or hear a TV discussion of the issue without hearing one or all of the above cliches. The trouble is, the Open Borders evangelists are impervious to logic and common sense. They have an almost religious zeal in pressing their ideas on us. They are basing their appeal on emotions; usually they appeal to 'compassion' and sympathy for the poor downtrodden immigrants, (see arguments 5, 6, and 7 above) but they also rely on a sense of guilt among many Americans (see 1,2,3, and 4); after all, our ancestors came here and displaced the Indians, which was unfair, (so we are told) and why should we have more right to live here than the recent arrivals?
    None of the arguments above have common sense on their side. Number 8, 'diversity is our strength', that ubiquitous Orwellian phrase, has no supporting evidence in the real world to back it up. It is just one of those mantras that are repeated so often that they become accepted unthinkingly. And number 10, 'plenty of room in America' is an odd argument for liberals to be making, considering their long record of doomsaying on the population question. Not so many decades ago, they were lecturing Americans on the evils of overpopulation, and the need for birth control, as overpopulation would lead to disastrous strains on resources and infrastructure, as well as a diminished quality of life.
    Suddenly, however, the liberals are in the awkward position of saying that a population of 400 million or 500 million or more would not be a bad thing at all. What happened to change their minds?
    Obviously, common sense and rationality have no bearing on the open borders agenda.

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