More heresy
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If there is one issue which underlies our present twin crises of the illegal invasion and the Islamic menace, it is that elephant in the living room, the phobia that dares not speak its name: race.
I'm all too mindful of the need to tread carefully here. I think of myself as relatively free of the PC shackles, but even I tend to pull my punches when approaching this subject, so deep is the conditioning in our society, where race is concerned. And I wonder if some of my readers might not shy away when I write on this subject.
But be that as it may, I'm fully convinced that our deep inhibitions on this issue are hindering us from both acknowledging the threats we face and most importantly, from taking the necessary actions to deal with the crisis.
When I say that race underlies our crises, it should be obvious in what sense this is true, but in case it's not, here's the nub of it.: were it not for our 'complexes' concerning race, we would not have an ongoing invasion from Latin America, nor would we have an Islamic fifth column in our country. Think about it: if our enemy within were Canadians or Frenchmen, absurd as that idea sounds, we would have no qualms about routing them, chasing them from our country. When was the last time anybody got chastised by the PC police for Francophobic remarks or for bashing Canucks? But we cannot speak too bluntly about our enemies within. They know that they have a trump card to use against us: the old race card. Newcomers to the United States know this from the git-go; we have illegals newly arrived from points south, using the race card to defend their illicit presence here. Racismo. And the Islamic fifth column are quick to use the race card and to sic the ACLU on us, like the Latino invaders.
The accusation of 'racism' is a weapon that immobilizes us. It's like those old science-fiction movies we watched as kids, wherein the invading aliens have a paralyzing ray that they use to freeze the hapless earthlings in their tracks, rendering them helpless. And what's worst about it is: we armed them with that weapon. We handed it to them. We keep on handing it to them. We lack the will to neutralize it. We could neutralize that weapon, and save ourselves, by shedding the fear of being called 'racist.' We could simply refuse to play that game anymore. What's the worst that could happen if we did so? What could they do? Just shout 'racism' even more?
Yet we run from that weapon, and they know it. And they use it for all its worth.
To go back to the roots of all this insanity, we might look back at that dreadful 1965 Immigration Act, the Hart-Celler Act, which was the immediate cause of the present Third-Worldizing of America. That was only the proximate cause, however. Looking at that Act in context, let's remember that in 1965, America was in the throes of a national spasm of guilt over slavery and Jim Crow. During this fateful era, PC began to rear its unattractive head. The average American was bombarded with guilt about our past sins and the sins of our 'bigoted' ancestors. To this day, the bombardment has not stopped, and shows no signs of stopping. I think some of us are past fed up with it; speaking for myself, I think it began to have a reverse effect on me about 10 or 15 years ago. I think the sheer excess of all this guilt is beginning to harden some Americans who once were more susceptible.
Still, on and on the guilt train goes, with no sign of slowing down.
But back in 1965, it made many of us feel good about ourselves to try to rectify what our ancestors had done -- even though we are not responsible for what past generations did or did not do. So we were willing to try to put things right, in hopes that it could all be forgotten, and bygones would be bygones.
In this context, the 1965 Immigration Act seemed part of that mood of making amends. After all, we Americans had been so narrow-minded as to allow only compatible countries to send us immigrants, and we demanded that the newcomers be productive and of good character and health. Imagine the bigotry of that. So in a fit of generosity, we were willing to allow people from non-Western countries to enter in great numbers. Ted Kennedy, who was a force behind the bill, assured us that it would not change the existing character of America:
(O)ur cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same ... Secondly the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset... Contrary to the charges in some quarters, S. 500 will not inundate America with immigrants from any one country or area, or the most populated and economically deprived nations of Africa and Asia.''
That was the lie of the century.( How about that, Teddy? You knew it was a whopping lie, and you've never yet admitted it.)
But that 1965 Immigration Act was the beginning of the end of traditional America, the first step towards the Third-Worldizing of America, and the demographic warfare on old-stock Americans and our majority culture.
Most of us, including myself, didn't really notice the effects for a while. Like most of my age group, the baby-boomers, I was always an avid traveler and student of the strange and exotic. What could be wrong with bringing more colorful and varied people and cultures to America? I really thought little about it, like many people, until I started to notice that the numbers of exotic immigrants was accelerating, partly through 'chain migration' and later via illegal immigration. It was as though it happened overnight in many places: I went to sleep in a familiar American city, and woke up in a Third World country. And while ethnic restaurants and grocery stores add variety and all, the other effects of the demographic change were not so pleasant: the transforming of many formerly livable neighborhoods into squalid, litter-strewn slums, and then the presence of many people with sullen stares, who seemed to resent me and mine, and who refused to learn our ways or our language.
Gradually my tolerant, welcoming attitude became wary, and then indignant. I know that lots of others feel just as I do, but they feel free to admit it only in private, and when they know that I share their misgivings about what is happening to our country. We all know that there is a price to be paid, socially, and career-wise, for expressing un-PC thoughts.
And the events of 9/11 were a splash of cold water in the face; I had never thought much about the presence of so many Moslems in our country, and suddenly I was aware of the threat they posed. Yet we were all being assured that the Moslems in our country were just like our immigrant ancestors, and that 'Islam means peace.' Yeah, right. And events since then have only borne out my misgivings.
But still, our 'leaders' go merrily along, welcoming mass immigration from the Islamic world, despite the terror plots thwarted and the subsequent acts of violence by Moslems in our country. And despite the much-vaunted 'War on Terror.' Meanwhile, we are all supposed to
'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil'. And oh, by the way, celebrate diversity!
And what was behind that 1965 Immigration Act, that gift which keeps on giving? Was it just an effort to show our lack of bigotry? Just a way to provide cheap labor for the corporate interests? Those things play a part in it, I'm sure. But I think there is a bigger plan, and it's operative in the entire Western world, as we see parallel events in all Western countries. Our 'leaders' evidently have a plan to integrate the world, so to speak. Just as in America we had forced integration in the 60s, we now have forced integration of the West. We simply can't have mostly white countries, with superior living conditions. Just as back in the 60s it was thought to be a great injustice that there were mostly white schools, with nicer conditions or better test scores. The answer was thought to be busing, transporting children miles away so that they could mix together and those white students didn't get 'superior treatment.' So now we have 'busing' on an international scale, so to speak. We have de facto open borders, letting in as many Latinos who can cross the finish line, and we have 'refugee resettlement' agreements via the U.N., pledging to welcome tens of thousands of refugees from mostly stone-age countries. And we have good ol' legal immigration, with 1.3 million and counting each year. All from 'diverse' countries.
Another side benefit, as our leaders see it, is that they are dealing with that stubborn Third World poverty. Since redistributing the wealth has not accomplished the task of bringing the Third World up to our level, let's just redistribute the poverty; that'll work! So now, we have millions of impoverished immigrants, dropped like foundlings on our doorstep, so that we are compelled to take care of them.
The ultimate aim, it seems, is to blend us all together, thus erasing all distinctions of race, economic level, and culture, and ultimately, religion. There seems to be a delusional belief that even the Moslems, whose religion commands them to subjugate or kill the infidel, can be thrown into the multicultural blender, and become part of this amorphous everything-but-the-kitchen-sink congeries of peoples. I think the globalists and the utopian lefties have formed some kind of symbiotic relationship, and are working together, perhaps with the loony left as dupes, to create this Brave New World.
Even the religious establishment is on the One World bandwagon; many of them are foolish disciples of ecumenicism, and think we can all cuddle up with the Moslems since 'we all worship the same God', or so they say. We hear our President and Condi Rice pushing this line often, whenever they have to go and make obeisance before some Moslem group.
I think there is a deranged view that we can just blend everybody together and thus erase all divisions and differences. And as long as bread and circuses in the form of hedonism and distractions are present, MTV and cheap consumer goods, they will have a docile, malleable mass of people, and there will be engineered 'equality'. The corporate class has more consumers buying their goods, and the formerly poor have their piece of the pie, and all's right with the world. Economic, social, and racial equality, delivered to your door.
Poor old Thomas Jefferson; if he could have envisioned how they would pervert his words 'all men are created equal', I think he would have refrained from writing those fateful words.
So whoever hit on the idea of making us all phobic of 'racism', it was a stroke of perverse genius. We are all so unhinged on the subject of race that we sit helpless to change this future that seems to be rushing towards us like a freight train. I sometimes feel we have passed the point of no return; the die may be cast, in the form of the demographic trends. We, old-stock Americans that is, are to be outnumbered in a generation or less. And we are weakened by the fact that we are divided amongst ourselves; there is a substantial minority (or maybe it's a majority) of people who think that a Brazilianization of America would be just fine; no problem. This shows how successful the subverters of America have been.
As long as we feel compelled to be silent and passive, compelled to yield to those of other races even when they pose a threat to us, we have little hope of extricating ourselves.
That's the dilemma we face.