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My previous post on the Bhutto assassination and the 'War on Terror ' seems likely to elicit some of the same kind of ad hominems and childish name-calling as my post of last night, having to do with Ron Paul and the Lincoln/slavery/War Between the States issue.
My patience is at an end; disagree if you must but if name-calling and ad hominems and profanity are the only way you can make your point, then please don't bother. I will edit, delete, or ban as needed.
I recently said I don't want the discourse to be dragged down to that level on this blog; there are lots of places where that kind of thing is routine, but not here on my blog.
My whole reason and purpose for starting this blog was to air some thoughts and ideas that I saw as being excluded from the public discussion and debate. I had seen as much political correctness on the so-called 'right' as on the left, and many of its ardent practitioners are unable or unwilling to even admit that their politics are just another variation of liberalism, albeit in Republican or 'conservative' drag. It is precisely those politically correct 'conservatives' who inspired me to start this blog. If you are one of those PC 'conservatives' then this is a heads-up that you will encounter views here that anger you and probably provoke you to profanity, ad hominem attacks, or snarkiness. I don't intend for this blog to be a combat zone. I intend for it to be a place of civil discussion, preferably among people who agree on some very basic principles. One of the most basic principles here is that political correctness is not tolerated.
Open minds, however, are welcome here; if you are angered or moved to self-righteousness by politically incorrect views, please do us both a favor and move on to one of the many, many politically correct 'right-wing' blogs where your preconceptions won't be challenged or disturbed, and where you won't be offended and angered.
You get what you give on this blog; if you display a civil, grown-up attitude you will receive the same. If you are abusive, combative, and insulting, you will get a cold shoulder and maybe a ban. Such is life.
Thank you for observing my rules of civility and decorum. Those of you who seek honest discussion of conservative, traditionalist, ideas are welcome. Others, you have been informed of what to expect.

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