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I had heard about Sarah Palin's Facebook posting on Saint MLK's day, though I didn't read it. I had no trouble believing that it was as bad as people said, because I had been noticing the pattern with her, the evidences that she is as politically correct and egalitarian as most of the Republicans.
But James Edwards links to and quotes from the Facebook page, and it's obvious that she is just another politician.
Either she is playing the game and reading from the approved script, or she has always been one of the politically corrected politicians, and she is expressing her own beliefs now. And either way, she is not what she has been presented to be, that is, a down-to-earth unspoiled outsider. She is just one more of the political breed which controls our sorry political scene now.
To be honest, I have not followed her Facebook page or Twitter updates, still this is not a surprise to me. It's not as though there were no previous signs of her leanings.
Neither are the brain-dead comments from her followers that James has posted on his blog. This is the state of 'conservatism' and the Tea Party. I think I am fully justified in saying that I was not wrong to sense that the Tea Party would become fully PC and just another variety of 'respectable conservatism.' MLK day shows us where people stand.
One of the comments quoted on James's blog says
Contrary to popular belief, Dr. King was very politically conservative and a registered Republican voter. The man dedicated himself and gave his life in the case of racial inequality. Too many people these days have the incorrect impression that connects him to the radical and racially divisive hard left socialist democrats that are trying convert our country into their idea of a social utopia without regard to the basic rights of the people and undermine the US Constitution.
Dr. King worked within the principles and framework of the Constitution to bring needed changes. He stood for what was right and put his life on the line for it, for this reason, I hold him in the highest respect.
As with any human being, yes the man had his flaws. But we should all remember it�s his message that�s the most important.'
Interestingly the TakiMag article on MLK by Paul Gottfried says that conservatives have tried to recast him as a free-market conservative and a believer in meritocracy. He mentions correctly that it has become more difficult to point out some of the unflattering facts without being condemned for it. I have definitely noticed this trend even in the last few years. The FReepers, for example, are just as likely to fawn over MLK just as they do over Herman Cain (who is race-baiting today) or Thomas Sowell or Allen West.
I can remember a time when the FReepers were a much harder-line group of people, not the PC respectable squishes that they have become. And there used to be some very intelligent and informed FReepers; it must be that most of them were of the generation that is now passing on. Given the trends, things look bleak for us, unless we start breaking through the propaganda.
If there is to be any hope from within the system, it will have to come from somewhere other than the Republican Party, which is hopelessly compromised and corrupted, but from where the hope will come, I don't know.
I am somewhat heartened by this but I know there are those who think he is just another political aspirant. In any case, the talk is that he may run for governor, not President, and I think that's where things need to happen, on the state and local level. Washington D.C. may be a lost cause, but fortunately it isn't America.

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