First our flag, now our anthem
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The latest outrage by the illegals and their minions: the Star-Spangled Banner 'translated' into Spanish.
Here is a link to an Associated Press article, written by Laura Wides-Munoz.
Apparently the idea for this travesty was that of a British music producer, Adam Kidron, who wanted to honor the illegal immigrants 'seeking a better life.' A later version to be released will have lyrics denouncing 'mean' immigration laws, and praising the 'hard workers' who can't help where they were born.
By what right does a Brit steal our national anthem and use it for agitprop in favor of illegal immigrants from yet another country? Whose anthem is it, Adam? And whose country is it?
I think I'll write new lyrics to 'God Save the Queen', and why not rewrite the Mexican national anthem, 'Mexicanos, al grito de la guerra.' I wonder how that would be received by Mexicans?
Not content with one country, the illegals and the reconquistas want our country too, and just as an added 'in-your-face', they are hijacking our anthem and making a mockery of it, using it, just as they used the American flag as a cheap prop in their most recent demonstrations. A few days earlier, their marches featured the Mexican flag and likenesses of Communist revolutionary Che Guevara, then voila, they were born-again American patriots, real yankee-doodle-dandies flying the stars and stripes. What a quick transformation. Forgive my skepticism, but it looked mighty unconvincing, And this Star-Spanglish Banner is not about to win friends and influence people, either.
Como se dice, 'get a clue' en espanol?

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