Ethnicities in America
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Above is an interesting map. I would like to cite the source of it, but it's uncertain; I found it some time ago on another forum, and I believe it was credited to Valparaiso University in Indiana.
In any case, it shows a rather different picture of ethnic origins in North America, compared to the U.S. Census map I posted here in the past. The U.S. Census map showed virtually all of the South as being majority African descent.
I think this map, however, is fairly accurate based on what I know.
Notice that South Louisiana has a French-dominant area, and notice the yellow areas in South Central Texas, which does have a very visible German influence there; there are still some in those areas who speak a Texas German dialect, although it's apparently in danger of dying out.
I wonder if the numbers of Scandinavians are underrepresented on this map, however; some parts of the Northwest have large numbers of Scandinavian-descended people, though they don't show up on the map.
The map is not dated, and if it were up-to-date, I am sure there would be a great deal more lavender-tinted areas all over the country. The colors on a similar map a decade from now would look very different, unless things turn around soon.

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