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From the blog The Philosopher's Fortress, this interesting piece by Jack Kerwick, called Alienation and Obama.
''Much to the chagrin of many a leftist, from its inception to the present day, the vast majority of America's citizens have been white. The segment of the population with ancestral roots in Europe has diminished some in recent decades, it's true, but the country remains predominantly white.
However, as Obama�s opponents have repeatedly insisted, the color of his skin alone isn�t relevant to their feelings toward him and their government. After all, contrary to popular opinion, no one, white, black, or other, ever sees just color. Race is never thought of as a just a matter of biology. In every person�s mind, race encompasses certain cultural, and even ideological, characteristics. Blacks more so than anyone recognize this, a fact that explains such otherwise puzzling phenomena as their description of Bill Clinton as "the first black president" and the insistence of left-leaning blacks that their more conservative minded brethren aren�t really black.
Read the rest of the article at the link above.
The ''colorblind conservatives'' and Republicans often repeat phrases like 'it's not his color, it's his politics that I reject'', or something like ''I wouldn't care if he was black, white, or purple, as long as he was conservative. But I'd vote for Thomas Sowell if he ran, so it's not about race.''
It's obvious to any honest person that race is in fact not 'just about skin color'; it usually connotes a lot more, as Kerwick says in the article.

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