America's 400th anniversary: Where do we go from here?
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This week is the beginning of the '400th Anniversary of America', a series of events which commemorate the founding of the first permanent English settlement in Jamestown, Virginia. The replica ship 'Godspeed' will sail to six east coast cities over the coming months.Governor Timothy Kaine of Virginia gave the order to begin the voyage of the Godspeed with the accompanying festivities and ceremonies.
This Anniversary is an important moment not just for Virginia, but for the entire nation," said Governor Kaine. "So much of what defines America began at Jamestown, including our traditions of free enterprise, representative democracy and cultural diversity. And what's really exciting is that research enables us to tell the Jamestown story like never before with a greater understanding of the contributions from the three cultures -- American Indians, Europeans and Africans -- that came together at Jamestown.
I applaud the fact that any attention is being given to the history of the founding of America; usually those 'dead old white guys' are slighted if not derided and insulted; our history has been so revised and PC-ized to assure 'inclusiveness' that it is a wonder there is any original American history still left that has not been shredded and pureed by the Politically Correct pharisees. But notice the phrase I have italicized for emphasis in the quote above: 'cultural diversity' is now added to the sacred canon of our original American traditions.
Diversity seems to be an imperative in all these modern, PC re-creations of history. The events which will be part of the festivities apparently feature a hip-hop song, as well as a show 'Ba-baah and the Windigo', told from the 'Native American' point of view. The lead producer says that the 'songs are original with a focus on historical accuracy and diversity.'
Diversity is apparently the one and only sacred principle in the brave new America we live in.
The implicit message in this giving of 'equal time' to blacks and 'Native Americans' is that they were equally represented numerically in the colony; according to this rewritten history, Jamestown was not an English colony with an essentially English culture, but was some kind of multicultural microcosm of the world.
Now from the lists of the original settlers of 1607-1608, it appears as though almost all of the settlers were English, with a few Welsh, Scots, and perhaps Irish. For 1608, the list mentions 'eight Dutch men and Poles, with some others.'
The 'Native Americans' did not live in Jamestown, so the 'diversity' seems to be limited to a handful of Dutch and Polish men, most of whom no doubt intermarried with the English and assimilated. The blacks who were brought by a Dutch ship as slaves arrived a decade or so later. So to say that Jamestown embodies 'diversity' is a huge distortion of truth, but for the ideologues who rewrite history to suit their ends, truth is a small inconvenience, and soon nobody will be aware of the actual truth, that is, if they have their way.
Go to the original, primary sources of the time for the history of Jamestown, not to these PC-sanitized, agenda-laden revisions.
America, as we near our 400th anniversary, our country hangs in the balance. We are a people who have lost much of our real history, and the time has come to reclaim our history and our identity as Americans, while there is still time.
To quote George Orwell, "Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past "

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