Always room for more
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At the C of CC website, there is a short piece about the demographic changes due to Hispanic immigration, and the growing percentages of Hispanics inn certain states.
''Some findings:
All states so far show substantial growth in the number of Hispanics. In several states, the Hispanic population more than doubled from 2000 to 2010. For example (in thousands)
Alabama (76 to 186)
Arkansas (87 to 186)
Maryland (228 to 470)
Mississippi (40 to 81)
North Carolina (379 to 800)
South Dakota (11 to 22)
It's pretty startling to see it in the numbers here, although anybody paying attention can see the changes being wrought.
The states listed above are states that heretofore had not had large Hispanic populations. Some of the Southeastern and deep South states had not ever had significant numbers of Mexicans in the past.
Some of the increase in numbers is due to 'natural increase', as Hispanics do tend to have more children, but it would appear that despite the occasional article in the controlled media telling us that the illegals are returning home, there are undoubtedly many new 'arrivals' each and every day.
The most absurd thing, in the face of this evidence, is the fact that the number of '12 million illegals' continues to be quoted as fact, even though the same figure has been used since at least 2005. Somehow, magically, there are always only '12 million illegal immigrants' in our country. "Always leave room for more" I suppose, is the rationale for continuing to use that same absurd figure.

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