2008 all over again
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I realize it's early yet, but it's starting to look like the fix may be in. The GOP nominee may well be Herman Cain, judging by the mania that is developing out there.
At Fox News, there is gushing over Cain as the next Ronald Reagan.
See also this American Thinker piece and the comments following.
Some examples:
''Herman Cain is the Black Ronald Reagan of our time. His message of limited government, fair tax, self-responsibility and American exceptionalism is right on. My wife and I plan to max out our contributions to help get him elected. (No thanks to the unconstitutional McCain-Feingold act which limits our free speech pocketbook rights to only $2,5000 apiece) I've never been excited enough for a candidate to consider volunteering, but I will for Mr. Cain. Like Herman said yesterday - "America needs a LEADER, not a READER!" Imagine if Obama's opponent was a black Reagan. It blows the race issue away, creates for once a truly positive role model for black youth and I see no down side as of today. I realize this is a long shot but I have tossed my chips in on him. We need a unconventional candidate who will unite and lead this nation and none of the RINO establishment types have a prayer of doing so. Best guess, this guy has a excellent chance of cleaning house and I will honestly say, I would love to see Obama get his floor waxed on the issues by a man who feels no need to tip toe... ''
Another commenter - (all misspellings are as they appeared in the original post):
''Bottom line this is the best thing to happen to the GOP field since 2008, 2010, ...
You have Palin (conservative American woman) Bachcmann (conservative American woman) Nicky Haley (conservative "Indian" American woman SC Gov) Susan Matinz (Conservative "Hispanic" American NM Gov) Mark Rubio (sonservative "Hispanic" American FL Sen) etc. etc. etc.''
And now Citizen Cain complete with a real American History and Story (conserevative "Black" American Pres Canidate) This is the real reason the Dems are running scared. The really big tent is shifting and the BO run Dem Tent has been lifted to expose the true radicals and globalist, and cronie capitalist's. The true Tectonic shift that is and will continue to grow no matter what happens in the GOP primary is this fact, "the GOP is the real big tent party that does not seek control but liberty for all". Oh let's not forget about Jindal in SC either. Can you say "real diversity"? What have the dems always told their supporters "that the GOP is an old white guys in coutry clubs," only party. The last 3 years have shattered that and Cain is just the past piece of the puzzle no matter what happend. Thank you Mr and Mrs Cain. I watched that speech too, what a guy.''
'Real diversity.' The 'real big tent party.' This is what it has come to.
''Herman Cain will drive the libtards nuts, especially those at the Lame Stream Media outlets. They lose their Ace in the Hole, RACISM! What the hell will they have to talk about? Mr. Cain can slam dunk everyone of the clunkers policies and walk away unscathed. He is hugely loved in Fly Over USA!! YES WE CAIN!!!!''
Yes we Cain? No, we cain't.
The last commenter above shows how little has been learned after seeing every 'conservative black' on the GOP side be called 'Uncle Toms' or 'Aunt Jemima', like Condi Rice. The race card has been played against Clarence Thomas and every other black 'conservative' paragon they wheel out. Black conservatives will not nullify the race card, as these Republicans keep saying. And even if they could, what would that imply? That we ourselves can't speak for ourselves, we must have blacks to intercede for us with the gods of Political Correctness?
On the other hand, a little bit of sanity interrupts the Cain lovefest:
''Change a few words and substitute 'Obama' for 'Cain' and this article could have been written about Obama back in 2007. I have no interest in the amount of electricity and enthusiasm a candidate can generate. Look where that got us in 2008. I look forward to hearing more about Cain's views as well as proof that he means what he says. Say what you will about 'Washington establishment' people who are running; any candidate who's been in office has a record as evidence they are who they claim to be, and I view that as a good thing. It's a catch-22 to nominate an outsider who may be untainted by 'politics,' but who will need to heavily rely on experienced staff to navigate the shark-infested waters once in office.''
Back to the Cainiacs, and this one spells out exactly what is behind this whole phenomenon:
'' Mr. Cain as a conservative black appeals to me in several ways. First: since obama took the country, I have become a racist. Never before have I felt hatred for the black race. Mr. Cain would redeem me by allowing me to feel blacks can be wonderful. Second: Cain says things about America which makes me feel he likes America and Americans (like me). Third: he has pulled himself up by his bootstraps (I hope affirmative action did not have too much to do with his success). Fourth: he seems humble. A couple negatives: his name: Cain vs Able. his experience . his unknowns (what do we really know about the man)''
It's just as Cambria Will Not Yield says: these people are looking for redemption from blacks or absolution for their 'sins'. And they just can't see that they are validating the leftist belief system by reacting with guilt, and seeking some kind of exoneration of their imaginary crimes.
The fact that Cain is gaining so much momentum is worrying, because what will our choices be in the next election? A choice between black candidate A and black candidate B.
Just like Henry Ford supposedly said of the Model T, ''you can have any color you want, as long as it's black.''
I've said before, back in 2008, that electing a black president would be crossing a bridge, and it would establish a precedent that would then become the new norm, the default. A White nominee, from now on, will be at a decided disadvantage. Pale, male, and stale, as our foes put it. Now in our new and improved non-racist America, a black and/or female must henceforth be the only viable candidates. Anything else will be the fabled ''big step backward'' and 'proof that ugly racism still thrives in America'' and all the rest of it.
And it is troubling to see so many of these self-described conservatives not just buying the leftist's diversity and inclusion argument, but literally running to follow in the left's footsteps. Our black can beat your black, our black is the real thing, yours is a fake. You are the real racist. We're the real colorblind party, so there.
Childish thinking. And this is the 'conservative' mindset now. I think many of our folk are too far gone to ever be brought back from the dead.
Still, I have to think that there is a long way to go between now and November, 2012. Is there any hope of talking these 'conservatives' down from the cliff they are about to jump from? Is there any chance of reversing things by means of the ballot box?
About the only hope I see is for a Third Party to appear. And I truly don't want to hear the old refrain about how Third Parties can never succeed; they just divide the GOP vote. That is the ultimate self-fulfilling prophecy. It's only true because so many people will themselves to believe it.
Actually, what we need first is not a third party, but a second party. We actually only have one party, a Multicult Progressive Globalist party that has two 'wings', and little difference between those two wings.
We need a party that represents the majority population of this country, not a party which represents only the interests of a congeries of 'special interest' protected groups whose interests are at odds with our own.

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