'Prophets Without Honor'
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'A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.' Mark 6:4
In this article, 'Prophets Without Honor' Pat Buchanan writes about two prophetic voices who, several decades ago, foresaw mass immigration from the Third World into the West, and warned about it.
The first was British statesman Enoch Powell, with his famous (or infamous, depending on your political orientation) speech:
Powell warned that if stern action were not taken to stem the tide, by 2000, 5 million to 7 million Third World people would be there.
"It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre," Powell thundered. Then he spoke the words that ended his brilliant career: "As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see 'the River Tiber foaming with much blood.'"
As Buchanan notes, Powell's speech spelled an end to his political career; his party called his speech 'racialist' and 'liable to exacerbate racial tensions.'
But as events of recent years have shown, Powell was accurate in his misgivings about the mass influx of Third Worlders to the UK. Buchanan then writes about French author Jean Raspail, who wrote 'Camp of the Saints', which told the story of the 'Last Chance Armada', a ragtag fleet which brought masses of Third World beggars to Europe. Predictably, the book was controversial, and denounced by the usual suspects as 'racist', but no one can deny that it was eerily prophetic.
Of course, Buchanan is writing this piece to plug his book, 'State of Emergency', but he asks at the end of the piece, pointedly, whether these two men, Powell and Raspail. were false prophets, or simply 'prophets without honor' in their own countries?
The answer is obvious except to the willfully blind: recent events have proven both men right; there is no doubt that the West of today is drastically changed in the days since Powell made his fateful speech and Raspail wrote his 'fictional' story. And recent news stories, such as the terror plot uncovered in England, as well as the 7/7 bombings, the French riots, and the Van Gogh murder in Holland, have borne out Powell's warnings about bloodshed. But even those events have not been sufficient to convince some people, especially the ideologically blinded among us, that the demographic tidal wave is destructive to the West. Amazingly there are still diehards who will not acknowledge the truth of what Buchanan is saying. People who echo Buchanan's warnings in Europe are subject to prosecution under leftist 'hate speech' laws. Bloggers in many EU countries are subject to harassment and surveillance for their Politically Incorrect views.
So it's evident that Powell and Raspail were far from being false prophets. And what about Pat Buchanan himself?
As I posted recently, I laud Buchanan for speaking the truth and sounding the alarm, but I wonder if his message will be received as widely as it should be. Just check out the negative reactions in the blogosphere to his book. Just google his name, and you get epithets like 'hysterical' 'disgusting paleocon', Nazi', 'racist' and on and on. Yet the book is apparently selling well.
In reading many of the blogger comments on Buchanan, I notice that some of the 'respectable conservatives' are as vitriolic towards him as the lefties are. The mere mention of his name inspires bitter comments from many 'middle-of-the-road' establishment conservatives.
As I've said, I am no particular fan of Pat's but the reaction to him from certain quarters is over the top. I am at a loss to explain it, except to say that the 'respectable' conservatives, the country club set, the WSJ-type conservatives are really not conservative in any meaningful sense, and they feel embarrassed by the more populist, nativist conservatives, the ones who actually embody much of the older America. They are anxious lest any of their liberal friends and social set associate them with the rednecks and yahoos who actually believe in borders and traditions and all those déclassé ideas.
There are many self-described 'conservatives' in the Republican party who are engaged in a 'more-PC-than-thou' contest with the left-liberals, and who eagerly join in a kind of ritualistic denunciation of people like Buchanan and Tom Tancredo. There is an amazing amount of sycophantic Political Correctness in some segments of the GOP, and the party would do well to lose that attitude. Instead, it seems more likely that the party will fracture because the PC crowd within the GOP would love to purge the Tancredo wing. I suspect that the Mehlmans and the WSJ types will do all they can to alienate the 'nativist' element (which includes more Republicans than they are willing to admit) and will try to court the chimerical 'Hispanic vote' to make up for the unwashed rednecks they want to purge.
But there's no doubt that Pat Buchanan is a polarizing figure. Unfortunately his controversial image will prevent many of the 'respectables' from listening to his message. They prefer to jeer at 'Pitchfork Pat' and stop their ears rather than listen to what he is saying. Will this attitude change as our country slips further into demographic disaster, with the American populace being essentially overthrown? Time will tell, but even Powell and Raspail are not given their due except among the more awake and aware. The majority of people in America and in the rest of the besieged West still remain in a PC stupor.
Until that changes, Buchanan, like Powell and Raspail, will remain a 'prophet without honor in his own country and among his own kin.'

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