What's the opposite of a realist?
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I'm worried about some among our people.
It seems as though all this 'race as social construct' talk has had an effect on many people, to the point where they no longer seem to be able to think about race in a common-sense way. And this is true even of the people who post on race-realist sites. For example, this comment from a discussion about DNA testing for people seeking their African roots:
15 � Anonymous wrote at 11:31 PM on June 29:
Like obama all of these "african americans" have huge quantities of White blood flowing through their veins�''
I've seen this idea repeated many times on such sites. Now, it's true that on the Internet we don't know who is saying what; I am assuming the commenter is White, but it could be anyone posting that comment.
But let's assume he is White.
Where is this idea coming from, that all blacks have 'huge quantities of White blood'? First of all, do our eyes provide us with evidence of this? I don't see it.
I suppose on average, American blacks are lighter in complexion than their cousins in Africa, but they don't appear to have ''huge quantities'' of White blood. Are people unconsciously buying the propaganda that there was a great deal of miscegenation in the slavery days? That idea is very important to the Left, because it further confuses racial categorization; they can repeat their triumphant line about how ''we're all mixed together anyway, there are no pure races!" And then they can start their litany of accusations, with lurid tales of slavemasters cruelly having their way with female slaves. I've read so many stories of people seeking their African roots, finding they have some modicum of European blood, which is explained as a result of 'rape' by a slaveowner. How do people jump to the automatic conclusion of rape in such cases? And must the White admixture, if any, date back to slavery days? Could it not have happened in later generations? I object to this automatic assumption that rape by White men is involved in any case of European DNA appearing in blacks.
But why this belief that American blacks have a great deal of White ancestry?
The always-ignorant 'Yahoo Answers' people echo the nonsense.
The 'best answer' as voted by readers says:
To know for sure they would all have to be tested. In addition many "white" Americans have black ancestry, because their ancestors were light skinned descendants of slaves and usually their owners and they married people of European ancestry until their past was forgotten or completely hidden even from themselves.
"One-third of white Americans, according to some tests, will possess between two and 20 per cent African genes. The majority of black Americans have some European ancestors.
Last year, Professor Peter Fine at Florida Atlantic University had an idea for an art class. He would gather a group of students to produce work around their idea of their racial identity. But as part of the class he asked them to take a DNA test that would break down their racial background. His bet was that most of the class - of whom the majority saw themselves as whites of European descent - had no real idea who they were.
He was right. Of 13 students, only one turned out to be completely European. The rest displayed a mixture of European, Native American, African and Asian genes. The one black student turned out to be 21 per cent white. Fine himself - who admits to looking like a corn-fed stereotype of a white Midwesterner - discovered he was a quarter Native American. 'I honestly think these tests could have a large effect on American consciousness of who we are. If Americans recognise themselves as a mixed group of people, that could really change things,� he said."
Ultimately all our ancestors originated in Africa, since we are all descended from "mitochondrial Eve," an African woman.''
Well, she gets maximum points for regurgitating the PC propaganda, anyway.
So we are almost all mixed, according to the official story.
I can fully understand why the good little leftists, like the person who posted that 'best answer', believe as they do, but I fail to understand why people who are supposed to be realists want to believe similar things.
Is there any reliable information on how much White admixture there is among black Americans, or vice-versa? It seems difficult to find on the Internet, and it would seem likely that without widespread (and reliable) DNA testing any information would be unreliable. Most people don't know their genealogy beyond their grandparents, or in rare cases, great-grandparents.
Until such solid information is widely available, which I don't foresee happening soon, all we can do is go by the evidence of our eyes as well as by what is actually known about our ancestries.
As far as our current president, for some reason this bizarre theory has caught on (propagated, for some strange reason, by Rush Limbaugh and others) that the president is less than 1/8 African or ''12 percent.'' Why, I wonder do people believe that, or why do they want to believe it?
Another often-heard idea from some on the 'realist' side is that ''the president chose to identify as black; he could have chosen White.'' I honestly think that remark, if made, say, 50 years ago, would have met with incredulity.
Maybe this man could have 'chosen', being somewhat ambiguous in appearance, but for most who have more than a little minority ancestry, there is no question of 'choosing' a White identity.
But for the ultimate illustration of racial confusion, this story is being discussed in various places, and on some of the comments sections, people are claiming that the children in question ''look just like Michael''. This, to me, is beyond bizarre. Have people lost all common sense? Is the multicult, colorblind propaganda rendering us just, well, blind? It seems so.
As far as I know, it's still a fact that a black parent cannot father a White child.
A generation or more ago, I think you would not have found many people who could believe such silliness. It's simply counter to common sense, and to the evidence of our eyes. Are more White people on the verge of becoming truly blind to race, or are they convinced of the liberal idea that we can 'choose' who we are, regardless of our genetics? It looks that way.
What's the opposite of a race-realist? A race-fantasist? A race-denier? A race agnostic?
Whatever we call it, it gives me the feeling that I've gone through the looking-glass.

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