What America is up against
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This isn't so much a policy debate. It's a battle for America's identity. Are we the people already here, or are we a set of ideas and ideals that are universal...
America is permanently evolving. That scares some people, but that's what we are all about. Do you keep it the way it is, or do you keep re-energizing the country with fresh people and fresh ideas?" - Frank Sharry, quoted in Time Magazine, August 15, 2005 issue.
The quote illustrates the ideology behind the open borders agenda. The words above make it plain that these radical people want to remake America. They are boldly redefining America, telling us that America is 'permanently evolving', with no fixed character or culture. Shades of Mao Zedong's 'perpetual revolution' -- perpetual evolution is what we are all about, according to these open borders ideologues.
America is, so they say, simply a set of 'ideas and ideals that are universal.' Not a country belonging to an identifiable set of people, with a definite history and set of traditions. Just a set of ideas and ideals.
Sharry represents a group called the National Immigration Forum. Sounds very objective and neutral, doesn't it? But in fact it is a very liberal immigration advocacy group. In fact, liberal is too mild an adjective for the ideas of the NIF as represented above. The philosophy is nothing less than radical, advocating the remaking of America, dedicating our country to perpetual change, 're-energizing' with 'fresh people and fresh ideas.'
And distressingly, it is not just radical leftists who speak this language; some in the Republican party are now reciting the same slogans, about America being a 'proposition nation', defined by 'universal ideas' like freedom and liberty, a nation which will in essence be some kind of international zone, open to anybody and everybody who professes to believe in an amorphous conception of 'liberty'.
Fresh people and fresh ideas, perpetual evolution. We Americans are being told that this is not our home anymore, but some kind of revolving-door hostel for immigrants.
We expect this kind of wild-eyed ideology from leftists; it's what they are about. But for Republicans who claim to be 'conservative' or at least patriotic Americans, this kind of ideology is unconscionable. The Republicans especially should be put on notice that we aren't buying their faux-conservatism and sham patriotism any longer; they need to re-examine their loyalties. Are they citizens and servants of the America our Founders gave us, or are they shills for this remade America, which has no resemblance to the America of our forefathers?