'Migra Watch' madness
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Here's the latest insanity from San Antonio:
Radio station homes in on immigrant audience
German Vazquez parked in front of a convenience store and jumped down from his Dodge Ram 3500 truck, smiling and eager to meet Salina Chavez Salazar.
Vazquez, a fence installer, routinely listens to San Antonio radio station KSAH-AM while at work.
The station, known as Norteno720 for the northern Mexican music it airs, has found a thoroughly modern niche on the ever-crowded radio dial, catering to first-generation immigrants, undocumented workers and prospective employers like Vazquez who would hire them. It's the No. 1 AM music station not just in San Antonio but in the region.'
The article goes on to note that the station is called 'La Estacion de la raza', that's 'The Station of The Race' to you and me. Of course no station with an English name like that, catering to the white race, would ever be allowed, but that's life in Mexamerica.
Note this laughable passage:
[Tom] Castro says people shouldn't fear this trend [immigration]. Immigrants, he said, cause the economy to grow.
"They revitalize neighborhoods that have been run down," Castro said. "They start businesses." '
That last line, about immigrants 'revitalizing neighborhoods' is priceless. It's apparently the latest spin from the open borders crowd; I've come across it a lot lately. Just ask some people in L.A. how much Mexican immigrants have 'revitalized' their city, or many other Southern California locales. Or ask the folks in Farmers Branch about the 'revitalization' the mojados have carried out there.
The fact that the illegals and their accomplices have to resort to such transparent lies is telling.
But the story goes on. Get this:
'KSAH provides the usual news and weather updates. But it also airs "Migra Watch," where listeners give eyewitness alerts on Border Patrol activities.
After the May 1 marches across the nation, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducted high-profile raids. That scared listeners, and for a time they were afraid to go to Hispanic retail centers. Advertisers were nervous, Castro admitted, and his staff earned their pay keeping some from canceling contracts. None did, but it was a stressful summer.
In July, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission brought along immigration agents on a raid of Ritmo Latino, a popular live-band dance hall that promoted its acts through Norteno720.
Immigration lawyer Gerry Gonzales hosts the KSAH Saturday morning legal advice hour. That celebrity drew to him some of the 30 undocumented people arrested at Ritmo Latino.'
Note that many of the people who are involved in aiding the illegals seem to be American-born Hispanics, not immigrants themselves. Now what was that story about how American-born Hispanics oppose illegal immigration just like we do?
Towards the end of the article, we learn that of the companies advertising for illegal labor, one fourth are non-Hispanic, one quarter are 'Mexican-American' owned, and apparently half are 'immigrant-owned.'
This supports my belief that many of those vaunted 'immigrant businesses' which the GOP loves to brag about are hiring their fellow immigrants; they do not provide jobs to American labor. Every Hispanic-owned business I know tends to hire only their own, and you are unlikely to hear a word of English spoken. The supposed economic stimulation of all these new immigrant entrepreneurs is of benefit only to the Hispanic community. These businesses all cater to their own people, mainly. The very need for these businesses is due to the illegal invasion. And since the businesses cater to an immigrant clientele, of course it's to their advantage to support more immigration. Immigration feeds on itself.
But the real outrage is the 'Migra Watch', the open subversion of law and order in our country, done openly via the public airwaves. How does the FCC allow this? Is there not some law or agency which would restrict this kind of thing?
Of course, given that our government was recently found to be giving Mexico a heads-up as to the border locations of the Minutemen, we are dreaming if we think that the government will do anything to stop this rogue radio station from thwarting the Border Patrol and ICE.
It doesn't take a Nostradamus to predict that nothing will be done to stop the 'Migra Watch'; the authorities will turn a blind eye, as they always do when the lawbreakers are the most favored ethnic group in America. Our President has given these people and their lawlessness his blessing and his encouragement.