Thou shalt not kill, but...
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The promoting of euthanasia is, as of now, a little more open in the UK than here in America, where the powers-that-be are soft-pedaling the passive euthanasia aspect of the health 'reform' bill. Laban Tall at UK Commentators links to a Guardian piece by Polly Toynbee, who thinks that 'assisted' suicide is a right which should be granted to all British citizens.
Read the rest at the link.
Elsinore at Cordelia For Lear has been writing about this issue, which is truly being ignored and downplayed by the useless media. Old Atlantic Lighthouse, too, has been doing a good job of covering this.
Even the 'right-wing' media figures are not covering this aspect of the health care bill. Why? Is it too potentially inflammatory? Are they being warned away from it? Or are they afraid they will be ridiculed as 'fearmongers' or 'extremists' if they mention it at all?
It's true that a few mainstream media sources have covered it, such as the articles I linked recently, but for the most part the commentary has been centered on the ''it's too costly'' argument, or the tried-and-true ''government-run anything is a disaster'' argument. Those things are important, but should there not be more notice taken when our government is beginning to declare quite openly, though in a quiet way, that some lives are not worth saving?

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