The costs of open borders
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Thomas Sowell, being an economist, has written at times about the economics of the illegal invasion. But in his column of today in the Washington Times, he touches on the societal and cultural effects of mass immigration and multiculturalism.
Sowell asks the obvious question as to why our country is prosperous and many other countries which are rich in resources are less successful. His answer is that the culture of the people makes the difference.
'When you import people, you import cultures.Those cultures no longer give way to the American culture when ''multiculturalism'' is a dogma and its apostles and activists make it necessary for American laws, language, and culture to give way, or at least accommodate growing alien enclaves in our midst.
A nation is more than a collection of whatever population happens to reside within its borders.' (Emphasis mine).
Sowell goes on to stress the life-or-death importance of national unity and solidarity, and notes in closing his article that the fact that Americans are 'at each other's throats' over immigration is not a good sign.
The very presence of large and increasing numbers of disparate peoples serves to further polarize America, which of late has been divided over racial and political differences. The borders issue becomes one more issue which divides us, and which causes emotions to run high. A further complication is that 'multiculturalism' and 'political correctness' warp and suppress the honest and open debate which is absolutely vital to coming to any kind of solution within our country. Those who oppose open borders and the transformation of our country make up a solid majority, according to many polls. But the majority voice is stifled; we are not allowed in our controlled media to express our honest feelings. Those who simply want to preserve the America they grew up in and enforce the laws of our land are branded as 'nativists', xenophobes, and of course 'racists'.
The divide between pro- and anti-open-borders factions also crosses party lines, with more than a few Democrats against the illegal invasion, and on the Republican side there is no lack of support for open borders, as witness our President's obsessive crusade for amnesty and the Hispanicization of America.
Sowell rightly stresses the need for unity in an 'international jungle' as he calls it. Today's world is possibly more dangerous than it has ever been, with a militant Islam on the march, Iran on the verge of developing nuclear weapons, and a 'Camp of the Saints' assault on the West.
I fear for our country when I see how divided we are. It's shameful when Americans are too divided and too paralyzed with political correctness to muster a healthy anger about the invasion and transformation of our country. There are too many people who feel more anger towards their own countrymen than towards outside enemies.
The presence of more and more people of differing and often hostile cultures can only further narrow our self-expression as our PC-ridden media and leadership try to contain honest expression of Americans' emotions. Containing the increasing conflict is creating a pressure-cooker situation.

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