Some beautiful music
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I think a change from the usual topics is welcome if only for a moment, and so I am offering some music that I've enjoyed.
I recently got the album called Adieu False Heart, by Linda Ronstadt and Ann Savoy. Ann Savoy is known for her work with her husband, Cajun musician Marc Savoy and some of the music on the album is in that tradition.
This version of the 1966 hit song, Walk Away, Renee, is beautiful, and stands up well in comparison with the original version, though it's very much their own styling. The song title is changed to reflect the masculine spelling of the French name, 'Rene' which is appropriate.
I have not always been a fan of Ronstadt but this album with Ann Savoy is beautiful, and the material, to my surprise, is not all traditional, though it sounds as though it might be.
I hope you enjoy this song.

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