Self defense against 'smuggers'
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Over at Conservative Heritage Times, 'Harrison Bergeron' has posted
Some Words to Punch Out Smuggers
If you don't know what a smugger is, read on. 'Harrison Bergeron' writes this introduction to a piece by John Vinson:
John Vinson has put together a "self-defense manual" for immigration-control activists and conservatives. It�s clever, deadly accurate, and more useful than a Swiss army knife. ( I forsee such gems as "ethno-masochist" and "tolerance taliban" quickly entering the general vocabulary.) Read, enjoy, and once you�ve memorized these handly phrases, lock and load and fire at will. MCT
''Those who attack us physically we call muggers. To help people deal with them, there are self-defense manuals which recommend various kicks, punches and chops to fight back. Emotional attacks can be quite painful too, as many immigration reformers can testify. Often they must cope with "smuggers," assailants who project in word and gesture their smug sense of moral, social, and intellectual superiority.
To deal with both muggers and smuggers, it is good to be aware of your surroundings. Muggers often dwell in run-down sections of town. Smuggers often thrive in universities, media outlets and other ghettos of political correctness. When passing the haunts of muggers and smuggers, it�s a good idea to project an air of confidence.
Nevertheless, you shouldn�t always treat them the same. It is dangerous, for example, to throw ridicule at a mugger. That�s likely to make him more violent. But words of derision can often punch out the smugger�s pomposity. We may not like using such words, but it�s the only language that bullies, like smuggers, understand. Maybe if hit enough, they will become sufficiently civil to engage in reasonable debate.
I encourage you to read the list of 'verbal punches' to throw at the 'smuggers.' The list is a good way to fight fire with fire; the left has a handy lexicon of insults and labels to use against us, and some of Vinson's labels are clever and catchy. For instance, I like 'Tolerance Taliban' and 'PC Poodle' -- both of which are self-explanatory. Some of these have already caught on, like 'globaloney', 'multicultist', 'treason lobby'.
'Race card shark' is a good one; 'neo-com' has a certain ring to it:
A neo-communist. A follower of the mutated communism (political correctness) derived from the Frankfurt School.''
And the word 'xenophile' fills a need for a word to describe people with 'an excessive love for foreigners.'
I use the word xenophiliac also; I like that the suffix '-philiac' somehow has associations with perversion, which is fitting; loving strangers in preference to your own kin is not natural.
It's a fun list, and it makes us think about how language is often used by the left to discredit views they disagree with; why not use their own tactics against them?

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