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Dutch politician doubts Muslim ministers' loyalty
AMSTERDAM: The leader of a Dutch anti-immigration party will call for a vote of no-confidence in two Muslim government ministers next week, citing their dual nationality as the issue, a newspaper reported today.
Geert Wilders said in an interview with the Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad the appointment of Moroccan-born Ahmed Aboutaleb and Turkish-born Nebahat Albayrak as junior ministers was wrong because both could have loyalties towards countries other than the Netherlands.
In Saturday's interview, Wilders said: "I do not want to live in a country where some day six or seven members of cabinet could be Muslim," adding that Islamic laws were "barbaric", referring to four people who were beheaded in Saudi-Arabia this week.
"I want to encourage Muslims to leave the Netherlands voluntarily. The demographic development should become such, that the chance is small that we again have two Muslims in the cabinet." About 1 million Muslims live in the Netherlands out of a population of 16 million. ''
This article is a rarity in that it does not use terms like 'far-right' or 'extremist' in describing Wilders's party, the Party for Freedom (PVV) . But whatever they say, or don't say, Wilders is a brave man for speaking out as he has; I hope he sets an example to be followed by others. We don't have anyone remotely comparable to him in our political scene; even Virgil Goode, who has taken a lot of flak for his criticism of Islam, was slated recently to attend some kind of Moslem service in the name of 'outreach' or dialogue. But Wilders' call for Moslems to leave voluntarily was a brave act; I don't know that anybody will take him up on it; but it's a start.
And here is an unexpected op-ed piece from Investors Business Daily, which I recently linked to; they are showing uncommon common sense in this piece (H/T Lawrence Auster, View from the Right):
Profile Of A Terrorist
Global Jihad: A new Gallup poll finds that richer, better-educated Muslims are more likely to be radicalized. This explodes the myth of the poor, dumb terrorist.
Since 9/11, the politically correct elite have mau-maued Americans into thinking the terrorists have hijacked a peaceful religion out of ignorance and poverty. Or that they've been brainwashed by Osama bin Laden.
But Gallup found the opposite to hold true: The most radical among Muslims � those who support jihad � earn more and stay in school longer. These are the smart ones, not the rubes.
[...]Gallup merely backs with statistics what we already knew. Contrary to liberal dogma, education makes Muslims only more extreme, not more moderate. Education doesn't stop terrorism.
Inviting more Muslims to our shores in the hopes they'll embrace our culture and adopt our values also seems misguided.
Yet this is the logic behind the White House's deal to grant 21,000 student visas to young Saudi men over the next four years. It's been sold as a cultural exchange program.
But do we really want to educate thousands of Saudis on our campuses if education helps only to radicalize Muslims?
Gallup's survey of Muslims, the largest conducted, puts to rest theories that radicals attack us because they're poor and alienated from society. Or because they're dim and easily misled.
Radical Muslims have an education and an economic future, yet they still hate. They're literate enough to interpret their holy books, yet they still embrace jihad against infidels.
Perhaps the only sane course in this war is to separate the West from Islam.''
[emphasis mine]
Truly it is the only sane course, and the mark of how insane our world has become is that there are so few voices calling for the obvious course, which is, of course, separation.
This op-ed represents a kind of breakthrough, and coming from an unexpected source. I suppose I would expect a business-oriented media source to be more like the Wall Street Journal, with its cosmopolitan, libertarian, no-allegiance-but-to-the-almighty-dollar, Open Borders crusade. So, kudos to the IBD and their op-ed staff. I hope a few more intrepid voices who are not cowed by PC will speak up in the mainstream media. I truly hope this is the first of many voices speaking out for separationism. Spread the word.

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