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Peter Wilson at American Thinker tells us about an exhibit, now at the Boston Museum of Science, called "RACE -- Are we so different?"
You know what the answer is, at least as given by the people who designed this exhibit to program schoolchildren and other gullible people. Wilson says
''Even a sympathetic reviewer in the Boston Globe admits that "there's a wearying didacticism to the show," and it's no surprise that the didactic lessons about race are all slanted toward the left.''
He cites a Boston Globe writer who is "surprisingly critical":
One can support affirmative action, for example, and still wonder about the presence of a display called "Affirmative action: undoing inequality.'' That's not science or even sociology; that's politics. Right or wrong, some people think affirmative action furthers inequality. Another display is called "White -- the color of money.'' It shows stacks of dollar bills whose height corresponds to the relative wealth of whites, Asians, blacks, Latinos, and "others'' in US society. A section on discrimination and real estate has two street signs, "Privilege Place'' and "Racism Road.'' It's like an MSNBC production of "Sesame Street.'' Tendentiousness is no less tendentious for being in a good cause.''The exhibit seems to be just what you'd expect. And it may be coming to your town, so beware of your children being press-ganged into attending this exhibit, if you have children in public school.
The depressing part of this piece is the content of the comments following, ostensibly from conservatives. I suppose if I had to sum up the tenor of most of the comments, the theme that runs through it, implicitly, is that ''I'm willing to be colorblind so why won't these liberals and minorities play the game along with me?'' That's actually a very common refrain among many Whites these days. They don't seem to disagree about the 'race is a social contract' fraud, and they don't want to return to the pre-politically correct terms of debate. No, they just want everybody to play by the rules of the 'colorblind game', as if it could all work if only we all pretended together.
This attitude informs what we see happening with the Republican Party, the Herman Cain fan club among the Tea Partiers, and MLK's cult on the right.

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