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The list of blogs I read is shrinking. Why? Because it is hard to keep one's morale up and one's spirits high when the mainstream (so-called) media bombard us with propaganda, lies, and character assassinations all day, every day. The mainstream media are a disgrace to our society and to humanity. I wonder how they sleep at night. They have made themselves the enemy, the declared enemy of traditional America, specifically White America, even though many of the individuals who work for the media are themselves White. For that reason, they are also traitors to their own people.
The blogosphere has been something of an oasis in this wasteland of lies. But for whatever reason, it seems there is more and more division on our side, among those who dare to defend their own people against the constant slanders and manipulations of the powers-that-be and their media arm. The most obvious divisiveness is on the subject of religion, specifically Christianity. I've been reading race-loyalist blogs and forums of various kinds for a few years now, and the religious rift is coming more and more to the surface, with more out-and-out attacks on Christianity and on the person of Christ, as well as on Christians as a group.
I know there must be others beside myself who are Christian and race-loyal, but nobody raises a voice in defense of Christianity or Christ on those blogs and forums, usually. Occasionally one person might raise a half-hearted defense and get shouted down. Usually no one speaks up.
One such blog (whose name I won't mention; I don't want to start a back-and-forth with the blogger or his commenters) had such a discussion and it was disheartening enough to me that I don't care to visit that blog despite the blogger's interesting and articulate posts. I've already crossed AmRen off my list, as the moderator(s) let it be perpetual open season on Christianity there. So the blogs I visit are fewer now.
I don't see this as a good thing. I like to read what others are saying. Some will say I should overlook the attacks and let it roll off me; it's harder and harder to do when the media already bombard us with hostility. I go to the Internet to find like-minded people with whom to exchange ideas and to get my moral bolstered, if possible. I try to do that here, albeit imperfectly I'm sure. So I really don't see much of value in reading attacks on my faith and my Savior.
I will tolerate (though not without offering a defense) attacks on my ancestral origins -- people perpetually attack Anglo-Saxons in the far-right blogosphere; they, too, are a whipping boy. Southrons are another target. However, that can be chalked up to differences of opinion. That kind of criticism is far less virulent. I can take it, though I disagree with it and don't like it.
However when I see that a considerable percentage of pro-Whites seem to hate Christianity and Christians, that causes me to feel dispirited and alienated from these people. I can't in good conscience give my support or acquiescence to that. It makes me feel as if perhaps America, White America, has already been destroyed spiritually and mentally. I say this because it seems they have now declared war, as it were, on the traditional faith of America and on our ancestors -- their ancestors in some cases, although I wonder how many of these people are ethnic Americans who feel no kinship with old America. Why on earth should I put my heart into a cause which may in fact want no part of me or mine? I would be insane to do so. If the 'racial right' hates my Christian faith, and perhaps me, as much as the infernal left, what would I gain by supporting that cause? I and other Christians would be persona non grata in either a far-left atheist world or a far-right atheist/pagan society. Heads, they win, tails, I lose.
It's evident that some don't even want the support or help of Christians, considering us the enemy because they see our faith as an 'alien', Middle-Eastern, or 'Jew' faith. Here's a news flash: most Jewish people do not consider Christianity a Jewish religion, nor do they consider us their brothers in faith.
So I find myself feeling less welcome at many of these blogs and forums where Christianity is raked over the coals, sometimes in a less-than-gentlemanly manner. This is not intellectual, scholarly discussion we are talking about. If it were, and if my opponents were open to being reasoned with, I would not be nearly so bothered. But they are not open to any honest debate, and they don't acknowledge any other side to the story.
For instance: not one person has ever offered any answer to my question about why Christianity did not 'kill' Europe and Western civilization 1500 years ago? Why is the 'poison' so slow to act if poison it indeed is?
Why did Europe (and the United States, and all of Christendom) excel at the martial skills and why was Christendom so powerful throughout the earth when Christianity was at its zenith?
How on earth do Christianity's detractors blame Christians for 'killing' the West, when Christians are fewer and weaker than at any time since Europe was converted?
Why is it that countries which have largely abandoned their Christian faith are the farthest-gone? The Netherlands, once a staunchly Christian country, but now post-Christian, is being lost rapidly, and for a long time, has abandoned Christian morality and social values. Likewise the UK, where very few profess Christianity or attend church, much less read the Bible. Likewise, Scandinavia, where they have for decades been a secular society, known for their libertine sexual habits. Go down the list of Western countries: without fail, the most secular or nonbelieving are the most leftist, politically correct, and decadent.
And the fact that we still have a few shreds and fragments of our freedoms is only because, I am convinced, we still have a remnant (albeit a small remnant) of believers in this country. The fewer that are left, the weaker and more Orwellian will our society become. Be careful what you wish for; you may get it.
Another paradox: those on the left hate Christianity because it was 'militant' and is 'intolerant', while critics on the right say just the opposite: Christianity is a wimpy, feeble religion which is too tolerant.
I am convinced that most of those vocal critics (to use a kind word) of Christianity are people who have already rejected Christianity, who have personal ''issues'' with it. From personal experience, I've noted that many such people are the intellectual type, in love with their own reason, who find Christianity childish and a sign of weakness (as that great intellectual Jesse Ventura characterized it.). There are others who hate authority and rules, and who are rebels against all authority, and since God is the ultimate Authority, they hate him. These same people don't find exotic religions objectionable because they perceive these as having little moral content. It's easier to follow some 'god' who does not lay down rules about sexual behavior or drug use. Others are pagans, sometimes followers of 'sages' like Aleister Crowley, and his famous ''do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law.'' For some people, that's the only kind of religion they want: one which gives its seal of approval to their selfish or self-destructive behavior.
Many of these people are young, callow people for whom anti-Christianity is a rebellious, hip pose that they strike; it plays very well among their college classmates or the coffee shop crowd. I suppose they may grow out of it, but given that our society is itself of this tendency, they may never grow out of it.
Christians know that we will be hated; that's a given. But it's getting very ominous when both sides hate us with a virulence that I don't remember seeing in my lifetime. And perhaps we may have to withdraw from active life and go underground as the Christians in Rome did, or be locked up or worse.
And speaking of Rome: did Christianity cause the fall of Rome? Or did the importation of many aliens and barbarians have some part in it? Did the widespread debauchery have some part in it? I believe it was Lycurgus of Sparta who warned that licentiousness and moral decay were fatal to a people and a country. I've always believed Lycurgus had it right on that score, and I believed that long before I became a Christian.
I don't expect I have won anybody over; those on the other side, as I have said, do not want to listen to an opposing opinion, or any arguments. They want a scapegoat. They are angry at Christians already, or resent them, and this goes even for some who profess Christianity in some form. Looking for a scapegoat is not what is needed right now, and the last thing that is needed is more division within our ranks. I wonder how many of the divisive people, especially those who despise Christianity, are actually plants or operatives trying to cause division?
I am, however, disappointed with the lack of response from Christians, who should be offering some kind of defense of their faith. I am disappointed with those Christians who give space in their comments sections to people who attack their faith and their Savior. I am disappointed to see Christians linking to blogs which habitually post anti-Christian screeds or bloggers who take potshots at Christians in veiled ways.
Perhaps some of these Christians believe they can 'witness' to these people, but I don't think that it is possible in most cases. There's a time for shaking the dust from one's feet and moving on.
I'll say it explicitly, though it should not have to be said: I am a Christian. I express a Christian point of view here. Those who are opposed to Christianity or who have some grudge or vendetta against the faith of their fathers, will not be treated accommodatingly here. Anti-Christian axes will not be ground in the comment section. Generally I don't suffer leftists attacking me or my ideas here, and the same goes for hostile comments from the right. Life is too short, and our time is short.
I want this blog to be edifying, not a place for division.
What is the answer to this rift, if any?
One thing is sure, in the context of the post below: if this country ever disintegrates, the unbelievers should separate from those of us who are Christians. It looks as though the religious division is as deep as the racial one.

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