No escaping politics, (again)
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Some time back I wrote a piece called 'No escaping politics' in which I lamented that even when I try to take a break from Internet controversy and surf some non-political blogs, I found that many bloggers who blog about, say, old movies or vintage photographs or art or music (or even cute animal pictures) insist on thrusting their political (leftist, PC) views into the forefront. This was nauseatingly on display during the last endless election cycle, with many non-political bloggers devoting their non-political blogs to paeans to The One.
Oftentimes when I like to take a break from all the controversy, I take refuge in music. It's a great healer for me. Recently somebody had sent me an album by a group called The Flatlanders, who are a West Texas group who do a rather quirky, 'Alt-country' style of music. In the past, I've liked their music, including that of band member Jimmie Dale Gilmore when he made solo albums. His music is rather eccentric, with occasional allusions to his New-Agey religious affiliations (he apparently followed a guru in Colorado for a while; how does a West Texas boy end up in that situation?). But I liked his music generally.
However, this Flatlanders effort has a song called 'Borderless Love' which contains something like the following lyrics:
A wall is a mirror that can only reveal
One side of a story that passes for real
But break it all down, it all becomes clear
It's the fearless who love and the loveless who fear
Borderless love, the land of the free
Borderless love, how far can you see?
Borderless love, there's no fear at all
In a borderless love there's no need for a wall...
And on a song called Homeland Refugee:
There�s some refugees from Mexico
Behind an abandoned Texaco
We nod and smile, it�s clear we�re all the same
For everything this world is worth
We�re all just migrants on this earth
Returning to the dust from where we came
So you see, it's all in vain, trying to escape from the propaganda. It's everywhere. You can run, but you can't hide.
People who dislike Christians have a term, ''Bible-thumper'', for those they perceive as aggressive proselytizers who zealously preach their religion and impose their moral framework on all and sundry, every chance they get.
We need an equivalent term to describe the leftists who can never shut up about their ideology/religion.
Generally when I rant about this kind of thing, somebody will tell me, ''oh, they're all leftists, but I just tune all that out and ignore it and enjoy the music (or movie, or TV show).'' I find that hard to do. I won't buy music that forces this pushy worldview on me, nor will I see movies or TV shows, or buy products, which force their goody-goody PC on me as the price of 'enjoying' their entertainment.
As the book title has it, ''shut up and sing!' And 'entertainers', please leave your half-baked beliefs out of it. You go to your church, I'll go to mine.

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