'Make mine freedom'
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Here's a cartoon from the 1940s which tells us 'what has made America the finest country in which to live.''
Watch for the zoot-suited snake-oil salesman, Dr. Utopia, and notice how the ''imported ideas'' , or the "isms' that he is selling are still on offer now -- and actually sold very well in the last election.
Some things in the cartoon are poignant now, like the story of the American free enterprise system, wherein the narrator tells us about all the jobs created by the American auto industry. It seems very ironic now in light of recent developments.
The line early in the cartoon about America being ''all races, nationalities, and religions'', along with an image of a ''diverse'' group of schoolchildren, is an early example of the multicultural-''ism'' that so tyrannizes us now.
I think the melting pot sentimentality of the 'all races, nationalities, and creeds' business was in part played up during World War II in order to try to be more inclusive so as to say ''we're all in this together', and to rally people to the war effort.
But little did the makers of the cartoon seem to realize that this melting pot propaganda would be just one more ''ism'' being peddled in the future, one more utopian pipe-dream, that would further infringe on our liberty.
Anyway, despite all this it's an entertaining and nostalgic 9 minutes or so watching this.

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