Love your neighbor or else
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From, we learn -- surprise, surprise -- that 'Anti-Prejudice Campaigns Can Increase Bias.'
Campaigns to reduce prejudice may backfire if they take the bossy approach and tell people what to do, new research indicates.
In experiments, researchers looked at two different approaches to persuading people to reduce prejudice. One type, the controlling approach, tells people what they should do, while the second explains the advantages of being non-prejudiced. They found that participants responded much better to the second approach; meanwhile, the controlling approach actually increased prejudice.''
I think most of us could have spared the researchers the trouble and expense; I could have told them this, and so could most people with any powers of observation.
So what would we call the approach that is being used 24/7 on the TV-watching public, or the movie-viewing public, or the newspaper- and magazine-reading public? It's always 'bossy' and sledge-hammer subtle, if you ask me.
The people who bombard us with these messages think they are being subtle, perhaps, when they present us with these little vignettes or 'heartwarming' images -- like the one in the article. The idea is: this is the new normal. This is what you should aspire to. This is the 'trend of the future.' If your family does not look like this, why not? Are you a hater/bigot/racist/extremist?
An expert is quoted in the article as saying:
''...people need to feel that they are freely choosing to be non-prejudiced, rather than having it forced upon them."
Sorry, but anybody with sense knows that it is being forced upon us; only the most brain-dead think that they are 'freely choosing' the 'diversity' and miscegeny promoted by the powers-that-be.
I think that all the heavy-handed propaganda in the media played a big part in causing me to reject the 'celebrate diversity or else' message long ago. Nobody has a right to try to dictate, or even shape, how we feel about others. And nobody has a right to invalidate the life-experiences that have in fact shaped our feelings or opinions of others, either individuals or groups of people.
Why do the propagandists not back off, if they realize they are provoking resistance to their agenda among a certain portion of the people? Or are they trying to push us into rebelling?
There seems to be scant evidence that the lovey-dovey ''one big human family'' propaganda is having any effect at all among the 'diversities' out there. All the recent flash mob attacks seem to indicate that the 'youths' out there do not think 'there is just one race, the human race' or that 'we are all the same under the skin.' But then they are not the targets of the diversity-pushing meddlers and peddlers out there. The targets, as always, are Whites who have not volunteered to be blended out of existence just yet.

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