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A few years ago when this blog was still a new adventure for me, I blogged about a piece by John Derbyshire
on the subject of race and conservatism.
Derbyshire, whose work I have admired over the years, seems lately to be taking a rather more pessimistic view of America and its racial dilemma. His latest piece over at TakiMag is, I'm afraid, downright depressing.
Perhaps Derbyshire, with the apparent detachment of an outsider (although he is a naturalized American, I think) takes a more cold-eyed view of Americans and our inability to face racial realities. Perhaps he is more capable of being objective than I am; I am biased, I confess. I love this country, or at least my people, my folk, fiercely, and I refuse to give up on my kin. It may be that he is more right than I am, but I certainly hope not.
I leave it to you to read the piece and judge for yourselves, but the central point of the latest piece seems to be that Americans are too divided amongst ourselves to face up to the stark situation which is our racial conundrum.
He posits that most Americans are unable to work up much strong feeling towards minority races, while holding very strong animus towards fellow Americans of different social classes, or those of other regional origins. He cites as an example the feelings of, say, a liberal academic (is there any other kind?) towards NASCAR fans, and he supposes that his hypothetical professor has few strong feelings towards blacks.
I am not sure I agree with that specific example; most of the academics I know and have known have very positive biases toward blacks, and in fact the liberal's disdain for NASCAR fans is based on his stereotype of 'rednecks' as Southern racist bigots.
Do our American regional biases pre-date the racial divisions of today? I think northern liberals have, since the abolitionist days, perceived Southron people as being the villains in any racial friction. I think the racial question is the main source of much of the northern liberal's antipathy to Southron working-class people in particular.
Derbyshire mentions regional animus among Americans; I think the North-South divide is the most prominent of these, although there is also a very strong urban vs. rural divide, with the urban dwellers looking down on the people in 'flyover' country. Yes, those 'bitter' people who 'cling to guns and religion.'
Secular liberals and atheists have contempt for Christian believers, especially if said Christians actually take their faith seriously, and most notably, if those Christians are 'backward' enough to believe their Bibles.
These divisions have grown much more pronounced in recent years, but the polarization has really increased since the 1970s, picking up considerable speed during the Clinton era in which Democrats/liberals became much more open in their contempt for those who refused to conform to the prevailing liberal orthodoxies.
I've been decrying the divisions among White Americans for some time; there is no denying that the divisions exist. I've mused about how and why these divisions became so intractable. I have wondered whether some of the clashes have intensified simply because a lot of the anger many White people feel is suppressed. We have all been subjected to decades of conditioning, in an effort to strip us of our natural feelings of kin-loyalty and racial/ethnic consciousness. We have all learned through the heavy-handed efforts of the media, the educational system, and government (working together), that we are not to express any criticism of, or negativity towards, minorities. They are, of course, always victims and never villains. They are always sinned against but never sinning. It is not allowed to speak ill of them, no matter what the provocation. Nothing they do may be criticized without risking the accusation of 'racism.'
Given that we are not allowed to direct any honest anger or indignation towards minorities, at least in respectable society, we tend to misdirect our anger at other targets, or perhaps even to assign blame to safer targets. And it is always permissible to attack and malign other Whites, so we bite and tear at each other.
Many Whites have become anti-White racists, sadly.
We have to remember, too, that decades of propaganda have been aimed at us, with the intention of dividing us as a people. Divide and conquer, divide and rule. The left has been very upfront in their intention to sow discord and rancor within so as to further their ends.
Derbyshire concludes that Whites are too hopelessly divided to ever have this much-anticipated 'breakthrough' towards some kind of survival impulse. I've often decried the racial right's belief that ''worse is better'' and that the many outrages of the last year and a half would lead to some kind of awakening among Whites. As yet, pace Jared Taylor, I see little sign of a real awakening; I see 'colorblind conservatives' spinning their wheels in the Tea Party rituals. I see them lauding people like Bobby Jindal, and most lately, Herman Cain as some kind of minority messiahs of the Republican Party. I do see some few signs of life, but they seem to flicker out before they begin.
Still, I hope. I hope because I love my people. I love my folk.
Just as you never give up on a beloved family member, no matter how down and out they may appear, you hope. And as long as there is life, there is hope, as the old saying has it.
So I keep on keeping on, despite my wavering faith at times.
But I will concur that division amongst ourselves is our greatest obstacle. Love of our own has to outweigh any differences amongst us. We can't let the differences that exist weaken us further, because as long as we do, we will continue to be easy prey for those who wish to supplant us or push us aside.
Will their ever be a 'mass awakening'? I rather doubt it; I believe only in the remnant, who, as history shows, are always the few who make things happen. The majority do not move history; it is always the few who do the real work and turn the wheels of real change. The rest just follow along at best, or are swept aside.

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