Finding truth amid the lies and speculation
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The events of recent days are so strange that it's hard to sift the news stories and the chatter about them to discern where the truth lies.
First, the bizarre flyover of Manhattan by Air Force One, accompanied by fighter jets; here's one blogger's take on it.
I've been following numerous internet discussions of that incident as well as talking with people about it in the 'real world.' Just about everyone agrees that the official explanation makes no sense -- that is, the story that a new photo of Air Force One flying over the Statue of Liberty was needed, and that the failure to notify the appropriate authorities or the public was just a 'mistake.'
It seems that there are theories aplenty of what really happened, and we will all be left to speculate and shake our heads about it, as we are not likely to hear a reasonably truthful account of it that makes sense.
My first thought when hearing about this supposed 'photo-op' flight was: why not just use Photoshop? Even I could put together a reasonable composite photo with Photoshop, and I am a rank amateur. No, I don't buy the photo-op story, but any other alternative explanation I can think of is so bizarre that it's pointless to speculate. But these days, almost anything, reasonable or not, seems possible, so strange are these times.
The second subject which defies our efforts to get at the truth is, of course, the Mexican flu story.
No, I won't call it the 'swine flu' as most of the MSM are doing, because from what I've read, the flu involves strains of not only swine but avian and human influenza viruses. And the fact that the politically correct get irate when someone calls it the Mexican flu, based on the site of its first known occurrences, convinces me that Mexican flu is just the right name for it. Whatever gives the PC crowd the vapors must be right.
The left-wing blogosphere is already using the term 'racist hatred' to dismiss any attempt to make the obvious connection between immigrants and this disease.
I've read and heard so much speculation and opinion about the flu from various people, and on the right it seems the most common response is skepticism; "it's just another flu, no big deal. It's a scare story cooked up by the mainstream media, who lie about everything" (which is nearly true, actually) or it's "created by the current regime either to 'cause panic' or to push through a nationalized health care plan", or to "justify repressive measures like martial law" or other outrages.
If it's true that there's nothing to it, that it's just another round of the flu virus, no different than the usual ones, what are all those images of Mexico City with people wearing masks, and the stories of the closing of many schools, and cancelling of public events? Or the closing of borders by other (more sensible) governments? How do the scoffers explain that away? Are the pictures all faked, like the supposedly faked footage of the moon landing in 1969?
If it were a manufactured crisis with a political end in mind, like 'pushing through nationalized health care', it would seem like a rather odd way to go about it. Why would such an event be needed? Does anybody think that the administration would have any trouble passing their health care plan, with the current Congress? How would a pandemic help, unless the idea is that a presidential directive or something would nationalize health care, that it would allow the administration to unilaterally do this?
It would seem to me that a pandemic, or another such nationwide health emergency, would be a bad time to try to institute a cumbersome bureaucratic system which included everybody. And there are the economic considerations; how could the enormous expense be justified in the current climate? I suppose that's a silly question, though, given our current wild spending spree with the economy on the rocks.
It may be a way to justify the need for some kind of 'global governance' to combat a worldwide health crisis; that would be more plausible to me, and if so, it's disturbing.
But regardless, the bottom line is: I don't think it's wise to scoff at the possibility that this flu epidemic might escalate into a real crisis, with widespread illness and lives lost. I certainly hope and pray it won't be as serious as that; I hope the doubters are right, but as of now, they are not basing their doubt on anything more substantial than stubborn skepticism and cynicism. They certainly have no solid reason that I've heard for their certitude that this is all hype and hysteria. Methinks they are whistling in the dark, or to use a grimmer metaphor, whistling past the graveyard.
Regardless of what one believes about the reality of this flu epidemic or about the degree of seriousness, it should trouble us that our supposed leadership seem to be more concerned with the political ramifications than with the health of the citizens of this country. It should disgust us that the people ''in charge'' seem oblivious to our well-being and safety, and that they have a completely passive, feckless attitude, reflected in their cavalier statements that 'there's nothing we can do to contain it' so there's no use in closing borders.
I've heard some cynical citizens make that same statement; they say it's too late; the horse is out of the barn. However I say it's not useless to try to close the door to the many illegal immigrants -- and the legal immigrants, tourists, and visitors from Mexico. I mean, is it not common sense to reason that the more such people enter our country, the greater the likelihood of the disease being transmitted to more Americans, faster? The government seems to take the attitude that since we've undoubtedly let the virus loose in our country, let's just say 'what the heck?' and bring in more and more of it via more immigrants and visitors. What does it matter if there are 1,000 people bringing the virus or 100,000 people bringing the virus? This is essentially the reasoning of our incompetent officials. One, or one hundred thousand, it's all the same, since it's here already.
What kind of 'leadership' is this?
Somebody in the blogosphere had my blog on a list of 'women misogynists', and I know this will further incriminate me in the eyes of such people, but I would feel a lot more confident with some old-style gray-haired gentlemen in positions of leadership. Call me misogynistic if you must, but the girls (of whatever age) with the grade-school-teacher personalities who are standing up there before the microphones inspire no confidence in me. They look and act and speak like sing-songy schoolmarms rather than people who should be in national leadership positions. (And please, if you are a grade-school teacher or any other kind, this is not meant to offend you. I am simply talking about a certain type of liberal female. I know there are wonderful conservative schoolteachers out there -- somewhere. And God bless them.)
Leadership is lacking, truth is in short supply, and the population is in a state of confusion and discontent.
This would be the perfect time, given the leadership vacuum, for local and regional authorities to step up to the plate and do what they should do; there is no direction from those at the top. America truly is, for now, a flock of sheep without a shepherd.

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