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Recently we discussed the idea of the Northwest redoubt, and on the other end of the spectrum, the downside of city life, the conditions that have caused many people to seek some refuge where they may still live free, outside the oppressive system that has been imposed on us.
Coincidentally, from the Daily Mail (UK) here is a piece about Kalispell, Montana, which we are informed is a 'haven for extremists'. When I read the headline, I thought of the recent article by Chuck Baldwin, wherein he explained his reasons for relocating to that part of the country. And seeing this headline, I thought, surely, the media won't be brazen enough to include Pastor Baldwin in the 'extremist' category. But sure enough,
''Others include patriot leader and former Constitution Party vice presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin, who believes the U.S. is headed for a fight between big-government globalists and independent patriots...''
Shamefully, the Daily Mail article quotes the so-called Southern Poverty Law Center, as the authority on 'hate groups' and extremists. This is the prime example of the pot calling the kettle black. I don't know whether the Daily Mail's British readers know that the SPLC is not to trusted, being itself a far-left, hate-mongering group which has somehow insinuated its way into the position of arbiter of what is acceptable and what is not. If the SPLC had its way, there would be no free speech; the only ideas permitted to be expressed would be those which agreed with their own.
As for the other 'extremists' named in the article, I am not familiar with most of them, but I never take the media's word for it when they label people in this fashion; if they call someone an 'extremist' I take it that the person so named is probably someone who is a sane and normal person who hasn't submitted to an insane system. The truth is 'extremist' today.
This article does illustrate very well that there seems to be an ironclad rule: you can be just as careful and respectable as you like, avoiding all controversial language and inflammatory rhetoric, but if you take exception to the party line and the orthodoxies of the day then you are a dangerous extremist. Pastor Baldwin's very reasonable, non-extremist views have him painted as some sort of dangerous fanatic, and his community, by extension, tarred with that brush. That's an injustice.
The comments to this article are moderated, and there are only four there as I write this. I have a feeling that posting comments critical of this article or the SPLC would be a waste of time.
The unquestioning 'journalists' who write these pieces are never challenged on their facts, and they, in turn, never seem to question the authority of the SPLC . Neither the media nor these witch-hunting leftists are called out for being openly biased and bigoted. The game is rigged in their favor, and people remain blind, thanks in part to this one-sided media machine.

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