Defending the West
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Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it. - Pericles
On this note, Andrew Bolt in the Australian paper the Herald Sun writes a column on the lack of a will to defend the West
World gone mad
" Countries such as our own are more than ever home to people who say they don't belong and don't really want to. And on one scary page after another I discovered a lot of influential people really had given up on defending us and this rotten society. Sure, you wouldn't have had to borrow my paper to have guessed already that the West was in strife. Countries such as our own are more than ever home to people who say they don't belong, and don't really want to, either. Brrrr, no. Right here in Melbourne, we have Aboriginal protesters in the Botanic Gardens who say this is their land -- not anyone else's -- and our laws do not apply. IT being a Saturday, I sat under the oak with a coffee to read a newspaper...Even in the United States this past month, almost one million Mexicans marched against proposed laws to send back some 12 million illegal workers, with thousands waving Mexican and Puerto Rican flags and carrying signs such as, "This is stolen land", "I'm in my homeland" and "Honkies are illegal immigrants, too".America's Hispanics are a challenge to the very idea of the US not just because they now outnumber blacks, but because they are far more likely to have divided loyalties. When Mexico's soccer team played the US in Los Angeles in 1998, many of the 90,000 fans flew Mexican flags, pelted the American players with rubbish and booed the American anthem.These are not healthy trends... "
Bolt's column points out the obvious fact that all of the West is in crisis at this moment, and that crisis is precipitated and exacerbated by the lack of Western confidence; the loss of a strong sense of who we are, where we come from, and the loss of moral certitude. We are bombarded with the idea that our forefathers were morally deficient in their dealings with the non-Western peoples, and the doubt about our legitimacy as the possessors or even the rightful heirs of the lands we were born in. And into this vacuum caused by our weakness and uncertainty, other peoples are staking claims on our countries. The sign that the 'world has gone mad' is that our ostensible leaders seem to have surrendered before the ordinary citizens of the country have had time to realize and react to the threat. Will the West awake and rediscover the strength and confidence that our forefathers possessed, or will we follow our 'leaders' and passively accept the loss of the West? And we are talking not about the mere loss of territory, although that is a considerable loss, but the loss of the freedoms and the unique civilization created by our forebears. Our way of life, far from being common in the history of humanity, is unique; it is the result of a long series of developments distinctive to the West, specifically to the Anglo-Saxon tradition. Our kind of liberty is not something that appears to be reproducible by just any random group of people in the world, contrary to current belief. There is little evidence in history that 'democracy' can be exported just anywhere. It's a rarity, and should be guarded and defended zealously.
Our leaders obviously lack the courage to defend our freedom and our way of life. It remains to be seen whether the peoples of the Western countries, especially the Anglosphere which is the home of liberty as we conceive it, will show the necessary determination.

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