Who's America? We're America!
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Today, across the country, there have been protest marches and rallies by illegal aliens and their supporters. The marches were all over the news channels today, with many images of American flags (quite a contrast with similar marches last week, in which Mexican flags were ubiquitous) and images of white-clad marchers. The accompanying commentary was as uniform as the white shirts the marchers wore; it consisted mostly of glowing, rhapsodic descriptions of the plucky, brave marchers and their rhetoric about the American Dream. We owe it to them, you see; we were told so many times today by the marchers and their champions in the news media.
The slogan of today was 'Somos America' -- or in English, 'We are America.'
The New York Daily News account was typical, entitled
Give Us Piece of Dream
By Nicole Bode, Leslie Casimir, and Corky Siemasko
Tens of thousands of hidden New Yorkers emerged from the shadows yesterday to demand federal legislation that would make the American Dream a reality for millions of undocumented immigrants. They streamed across the Brooklyn Bridge and marched down Broadway from Chinatown and Washington Square Park chanting, "Who's America! We're America!" in English and a dozen other languages. Marching to the beat of Korean drummers and waving flags from Mexico, Trinidad, Poland and myriad other countries, they were united by a dream shared by earlier immigrants - a dream as red, white and blue as the U.S. flags they also carried...Read more here:
Who's America? It would seem that we, who have been America up until now, are being challenged by the new kids; those 12 million (or is it more like 20 million, as the Bear Stearns estimate says) who arrived unbidden, and now say the old homestead belongs to them? If the newcomers are America, what are we?
Is this country big enough for all of us, the tens of millions of newcomers as well as the hundreds of millions of us who inherited this country? The utopians among us think it is, provided we xenophobic old-timers learn our place, and stand aside to make way for a Hispanic-dominated America. It is clear that we are expected to yield, to accommodate, to adjust, and to assimilate. To ask the new arrivals to do so would be an imposition, and worse, it would be xenophobic and ethnocentric, and just plain mean-spirited.
Columnist Eugene Robinson, in the Washington Post wrote a column headlined 'Can you say Bienvenidos?' For all of you xenophobes who haven't gotten with the program and learned Spanish, 'bienvenidos' means 'welcome.' We are expected to welcome those who are claiming our home, and 'deal with it,' as Robinson says.
'Deal with it.' This is essentially the message being given to us by our elected 'representatives.'
We, the people of the United States, have been demoted. We are not the proprietors of our sovereign country anymore, it seems; just one more group of tenants, subject to eviction, it seems.