Weapons seized at the border?
0 comment Thursday, May 29, 2014 |
There has been a story floating around about a huge weapons cache which was recently seized on the Texas-Mexico border. However, none of the Texas newspapers I checked seemed to have anything on it, not surprisingly. One of the few sources which mention it is Stratfor.com, but a subscription is required for access.
This blog, The Mex Files, has some details.
Pictures at this blog.
This is just another story that should be getting a lot of notice, but which is scarcely mentioned at all. How and why is this the case? Is there some kind of policy to ignore or play down these stories? Or is it just that it doesn't fit the MSM's liberal agenda on the border issue, which focuses on the plight of the Poor Immigrant?
Is this a case of more drug cartel violence, or is there something more to it than that? Absent any real coverage of this story, we can only speculate.

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