The respectables rally
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I could find surprisingly little about the rally on the blogs I read. Free Republic, predictably, was a cheering section for Beck, 'colorblind conservatism' (did you know MLK was really a Republican, and his 'dream' speech was Republican? I learn something new every day at FR) and all thing PC.
However, Countenance Blog has a piece about the rally.
* Does Glenn Beck not realize that real freedom and Martin Luther King�s vision on that very soil of 47 years ago are diametric opposites? We lost a whole lot of freedom pursuing MLK�s Dream. Ironically, one of the major bloggers associated with this event today advised people to go nowhere near D.C. neighborhoods and public transit stops that are associated with the people who we just had to extend civil rights to in the last generation. Oh yeah, pander to blacks, but just don�t travel anywhere near them.
* Beck implied that MLK/CRM were entirely on the side of the angels, while the opponents were nothing more than moronic knuckle-dragging bigots. I regret to inform you, Mr. Beck, but there was a lot of resistance to the CRM in the 1950s and 60s on the intellectual and cerebral level. As loath as this publication would be to admit it today, half the anti-CRA intellectuals of those years worked for National Review. At least two states in the South declared a certain day on the calendar to be "Race and Reason Day," titled after Carleton Putnam�s book.''
Also, please see Old Atlantic's piece, if you haven't yet read it.
Everytime Diversity is honored at White events its a moment of shame for Whites. This is its meaning even to those who organize it and experience it. The Diversity is not honored for anything other than as a symbol of White Guilt and White Shame. The Diversity Token is not there for themselves, they are therefore to symbolize White Guilt, White Shame and White dispossession.
The Diversity Tokens symbolize that Whites give up their right to be a nation and a people. Diversity Tokens symbolize that Whites give up their own Whiteness as having meaning and identity. Diversity Tokens are a funeral decoration not a life affirming celebration.'' If I understand OA's words correctly, I agree that the presence of 'diversity, especially when it is put front and center, as at these events, seems to symbolize guilt and 'repentance'; yes, we know we are congenitally guilty because of things our forefathers did or did not do, and we renounce our former evil ways. So please, please, don't call us the r-word. As long as we feel the need to act out this apparent 'cleansing' ritual or symbolic confession of guilt, then the idea of 'colorblindness' is nothing but a bitter joke.
Old Atlantic's piece quotes many comments posted on MSM sites. The comments are as vitriolic and ugly as we've grown to expect from leftists. It is still somewhat wryly funny that the name-calling from the usual suspects is not the least bit mitigated by Beck and company pandering themselves silly, and bowing at the diversity altar. When will people learn it does not pay?

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