Tancredo will leave Congress after present term
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I haven't seen much discussion of this story around the internet as yet. But I wonder what it portends for the immigration restriction cause?
A former state Senate president. The son of a former U.S. senator. The secretary of state. A radio talk show host.
The long list of candidates mentioned as possible successors to Congressman Tom Tancredo reads like a Who's Who of Suburban Republicans, and paves the way for what is sure to be a fascinating primary race.
One day after Tancredo announced he would not seek a sixth term in Congress, the jockeying began to determine who might replace the nationally known Littleton Republican, who is reviled and revered.
"I assume there will be a spirited primary," Dick Wadhams, chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, said Monday.
"It's kind of a family feud that has to play itself out."
At least four Republicans have expressed an interest in running for the seat: Secretary of State Mike Coffman; businessman Wil Armstrong, son of former U.S. Sen. Bill Armstrong; and state Sens. Ted Harvey and Tom Wiens.
Tancredo is the 17th House member, and the 14th Republican, who will not be seeking re-election next year, according to CQPolitics.com.
There has been talk for some time that Tancredo will run for the governorship of Colorado; this might be a good move for him and good for his home state, which apparently is being hit hard by illegal immigration.
Tancredo says that he feels his run for the Presidency will have accomplished what he hoped it would, regardless of whether he is is the GOP nominee. He hoped to draw more attention to the immigration issue, and he feels that goal has been accomplished, since there are now more Congressmen who are adopting the restrictionist position, and there is more open public discussion of immigration. It's also noticeable how much more restrictionist the 'top tier' candidates have been sounding lately. Of course whether or not they can walk the walk remains to be seen; I doubt it. Tancredo, however, is the real deal; he is sincere in his concern for this country and its preservation.
Whatever Tancredo decides to do, I hope he will not leave public life; he is sorely needed right now, as never before.

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