Still standing
0 comment Saturday, May 17, 2014 |
It's going on a year now since I last posted a real post here on this blog. During that time I've done a lot of thinking about why I began blogging back in 2006, and wondering whether my presence in the blogging world is even called for, whether I have an audience, whether there is a niche for my message, such as it is.
At the time I quit blogging last year, my faith in my fellow human beings, specifically my fellow Americans, had begun to waver considerably. The divisions among us are disturbing to me, and the seeming inability -- or is it unwillingness -- to try to put aside the minor differences to work toward the cause of our preservation. This still troubles me, quite honestly, as I see little sign of it abating. Is there any hope of changing that?
When I last stopped writing posts for this blog, for some time I just went cold turkey and abstained even from reading news sites and like-minded blogs. I just had to step back from it, so emotionally charged had it become for me.
Lately I have been following certain sites just to keep up with what is going on, and the discussion around the news. Lately I've read some very good pieces which have somewhat inspired me and led me to the decision to tentatively stick a toe back in the water. So here I am. Whether my readers are still out there remains to be seen.
Those who read my blog since its inception probably saw my slow change over the months and years toward a harder line, and more of a jaundiced eye toward the 'system' as it exists. For some people, I became too 'right-wing' and for others, my rightward shift was not nearly far enough. At this point, I will say I will no doubt be unable to please everybody, and I am resigned to that. I have to write what I feel moved to write, in the way in which I know how to write, and I am saying up-front that I will not offer something for everybody. It's impossible.
Like most people on the right, the developments of the past year have appalled me, and surprised me; as some will remember, I predicted things would take a great turn for the worse after the last election and yet even I have been surprised by the speed with which things are deteriorating. Can my one voice in the wilderness make any difference? Probably not; it seems my few years of blogging are as if they never happened. I seem to have left no footprints and had no discernible effect on the discourse. Perhaps I should never have expected to do so. But I still feel moved to write because I feel duty-bound, compelled to do so, regardless of whether I am pilloried for it, praised, or simply ignored.
Here I am. I hope there are some of you still out there.