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I'm adding a couple of new links to my blogroll.
One is to the blog Never Yet Melted.
The other is to the Light in the Forest blog, which is the blog of JJames, who comments here occasionally. I know some of you are familiar with his blog.
I recommend both blogs to you, if you haven't yet read them.
On another note, the Forum (yes, it's still there) is set to undergo an upgrade shortly, sometime in the next week or so, but there should be no significant disruption with the changeover.
The Forum is rather neglected these days, as I have little time to spend there. It could potentially be a good thing, if made use of. Every now and then I throw the question out to you all, should we pull the plug on it, or try to make it work? Usually I get a few responses saying 'leave it up', and a great many ''whatever you want to do'' responses. But a forum is not a one-person project, so for the moment it's rather dead over there. I would like to see it work, but as the old saying has it, you can lead a horse to water, etc.
The forum format apparently doesn't appeal to everyone; some don't like registering. However among the advantages are that it is more 'democratic', and any member can post news stories or start discussions. My thought is also that if this blog were down the Forum would be an alternative.
Anyway, for now, it's there for you.

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