Maywood melee
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More on Maywood, in this article by Bridget Johnson in the LA Daily News.
Something's wrong with immigration protests
This article is quite a contrast to the standard pro-illegal screeds found in the LA Times.
Johnson writes:
I had gotten wind of a socialist organization calling people out for the demonstration, hence showed up to find the counter-protest to be an eclectic mix of white guys in Che T-shirts and Latinos - wearing shirts ordering people to not call them Latino or Hispanic (too European), but Mexican - denouncing white people.
And if immigration proponents have been trying to pass off reconquista claims - the belief that immigrants want to take back "Aztlan" - as paranoid, these protesters weren't helping. One sign proclaimed "Stolen continent" - yet displayed two continents, North and South America. "White racists this is our continent" read one sign. Another said, "We will never live in peace until we get the European squatters off our lands."
This is as fair an article as you are likely to get in our hopelessly compromised and hostile 'mainstream media,' especially from a paper within 'Los Angeles, Mexico.' But even Bridget Johnson's writing veers perilously close to 'moral equivalency' language, as in this passage:
And if what I witnessed is what the immigration debate has come down to, it's nothing less than vicious and hate-filled. This is where intelligent discourse flies out the window, and people start drawing territorial lines within communities.''
But she does point a finger at the pro-illegal mobs:
Maywood, regardless of its demographics, is still within the United States of America, and still falls under the laws of this country. Lobby against those laws if you feel they're unfair; that's the beauty of our system.
But when you have virulent protests that include a pre-teen boy yelling "f- that white b-" at a passing fair-skinned woman - me - something is seriously wrong. Especially when it comes from the side holding a banner that proclaimed "Say NO to racism." '
Johnson could have made it more explicit as to which side was fomenting the vitriol and hate: the pro-illegal, leftist protesters. When she refers to the contingents only as 'protesters' (the Save Our State contingent) and 'counter-protesters,' (the pro-illegal mob) it may be confusing to the casual reader who is not clear on who is who in this little clash. But in all, as I said, this is the most honesty that can be hoped for.
Now how much clearer can it be to the pollyannas and the multicultural utopians and the 'can't-we-all-just-get-along' crowd? This conflict is escalating, and there's no wishing it away.
The mainstream media will keep on minimizing these stories, because the facts can't easily fit into the PC template. They can't avoid covering it forever, although there has been very little media attention paid to this incident. There will be more such clashes to come, if not in Maywood then in other places: maybe Farmers Branch, Texas, Riverside, New Jersey, Hazleton, Pennsylvania -- or Yourtown, Mytown, Everytown, and in middle America, not just in the border states.
Now will our media cover it, spin it, lie about it, or just ignore it?
Whatever they do, we, the people, can't ignore it; it's in our backyard, soon to be at our doorstep.

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