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Often among ethnonationalists, Russia is cited as the only hope for the future. I am always wary of this romanticizing of Russia. I realize many people are disenchanted with, if not downright bitter towards, the United States, and are prone to glamorize Russia. Beware; this is what the old lefties used to do, in their disillusionment with their country, and some eventually learned to their chagrin that the USSR was not the people's utopia they wanted desperately to have it be.
A few months ago, Medvedev and Putin mad statements condemning what they termed 'xenophobia'. So it is not surprising that now, Medvedev has made a speech praising multiculturalism and slamming nationalism.
''The president also said those linked to igniting interethnic hatred will be banned from educating youths.[...]
National accord starts from school, he believes, being the place where 'the basics of a person's view of the world' are laid.
Illiteracy is the basis of almost all conflicts, and especially interethnic ones, he says.
Multiculturalism not a failure
The president has pointed out the example of the United States.
'Nobody can insult anyone for their ethnicity, a punishment will follow inevitably. Sometimes people laugh at it, but I think it is better this way than to allow insults', he said. 'Tolerance can't be excessive,' he added."
Reuters quotes him as saying "If we talk about the failure of multiculturalism, then entire cultures can be destroyed, which is a dangerous thing...'
I don't think Russia is any kind of promised land, or a last bastion of 'Western White culture.' I think it is still true to say, as Churchill did decades ago:
"I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma..."
To most of us non-Russians, it is. Culturally they are very unlike us in most respects. I haven't been to that country but I have had considerable contact with people from that country.
It may be that things will change, but I don't believe we can count on that. However, to complete the quotation from Churchill,
"... perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest."
Do the ordinary Russian people perceive that multiculturalism is not in their 'national interest'? I am not informed enough to answer that, but it is obvious that their current regime is on board with the globalist agenda, like most of the 'leaders'.

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